David Drummand

David Drummand
January 23, 1797 
James Drummand and Nancy Ann Griffith
Rebecca Beggs
September 20, 1821 
Clark County, Indiana
February 21, 1885
Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Children of David Drummand and Rebecca Beggs
John B Drummand July 17, 1822
James T. Drummand March 16, 1824
Unknown Female 1825-1830
Unknown Female 1825-1830
Unknown Female 1825-1830
Alexander M. Drummand April 29, 1832
Thomas Jefferson Drummand July 20, 1834
Joseph C. Drummand November 1835
Hannah Drummand June 28, 1839

The 1830 Clark County Federal Census enumerating the family of David Drummand offers that he had three female household member under the age of 5.  The 1840 Census offers two female household members age 10-14 and one age under 5.  Hannah Drummand would have been just one year old in 1840.  Hannah did not live to be enumerated with her family in 1850 and what becomes of the older females listed in 1830 and 1840 as household members of David Drummand and Rebecca Beggs remain undiscovered.

The 1850 Clark County Federal Census can be viewed below:

David Drummand was born in Kentucky in pioneer times.  According to an account written years ago, David Drummand's parents removed from Kentucky to the area of Charlestown, Indiana about 1800 when David was just three years old.  David Drummand's parents had come to Kentucky after The American Revolutionary War from the State of Pennsylvania and once they had migrated into the northern territory of Indiana are researched to be numbered among the first settlers of Clark County, Indiana.
Researchers offer that Rebecca Beggs was born the daughter of John Beggs and Hannah Thomas on October 4, 1799 in Indiana.  Her parents had migrated from Virginia about 1797 settling in Indiana near the Ohio River and what is now Charlestown, Indiana.
Accounts of the Beggs family offer that John Beggs was the son of Thomas Beggs and Sarah McDowell Barnes.  Thomas Beggs was born in New Jersey according to one account.  His parents had settled in that state after their migration from Northern Ireland.  Thomas Beggs took up service in The American Revolution and by this time had settled in Virginia.  Thomas Beggs had acquired the rank of officer before his death occurred near Petersburg, Virginia in 1778.   Researchers offer he died of camp fever.