David E. Watkins

David E. Watkins
James L. Watkins and Elizabeth Brunk
 about 1827 Grayson County, Kentucky
 after 1883 Grayson County, Kentucky
 (1st)  Nancy Brunk (niece of Elizabeth Brunk) 
Nancy Brunk Watkins died after 1870 before 1875.  She married David E. Watkins about 1845 Grayson County, Kentucky
Children of David E. Watkins and Nancy Brunk
Born: April 20, 1846
Died: December 16, 1929
Born: 1848
Died: September 25, 1855
Born: July 17, 1850
Died: August 6, 1938
Born: March 10, 1852
Died: September 8, 1909
Born: September 5, 1854
Died: April 11, 1925

1850 Grayson County Federal Census
taken August 9, 1850

1860 Grayson County Federal Census
taken July 4, 1860
David E and Nancy Watkins are enumerated in 1860 living as neighbors to his father and mother James L. and Elizabeth Watkins.

David E. Watkins offers to the register of the draft that he is 36 years old in July of 1863.  He is registered on the same document with brothers Charles, Joel, and cousin Miles H. Watkins.  There are no records of David E. Watkins actually serving in the civil war.

Patent #: 38597
Grantee: Wadkins, David E. & Wadkins, Nancy &c.
Grant Book & Pg: 70 131
Acreage: 75
County: Grayson
WaterCourse: Big Clifty Cr.
Survey Name: Wadkins, David E. & Wadkins, Nancy &c.
Survey Date: 08/18/1865
Grant Date: 02/25/1867

Note: Above are heirs of Thomas Brunk.

1870 Grayson County Federal Census
taken August 14, 1870
The last census which David E. or Nancy Watkins would appear is the 1870 Census above. 
After several genealogical expeditions to Grayson County and hours of research online was it discovered that David E. Watkins had been married a second time.  
No death records are available for David E. Watkins or Nancy Brunk Watkins 
David E. Watkins 2nd marriage uniting to Mary Margaret Pryor about 1874 Grayson County, Kentucky.
Known children of David E. Watkins and Mary Pryor
Charles William Watkins
July 25, 1875
John Henry Watkins
July 10, 1877
James David Watkins
 June 27, 1883
Personal note:  When we began researching this Watkins line we knew three things for certain.

1. John Henry Watkins had married to Sarah Quiggins. 
2. John Henry Watkins was born in Grayson County, Kentucky
3. Mary Margaret was John Henry's mothers given name. 
It was a starting point.  The first record we found was the 1880 Federal Census for Grayson County listing Mary Watkins with husband Joel and two sons including John Watkins.  It was interesting that Joel Watkins was considerably older than Mary, but not that uncommon.  Joel is censused as 54 and Mary just 30.  Their sons were very young.  Charley W. age 5 and John age 2.
  We then discovered Joel not only had been married before and had created a family with Fanny Gragson, he also had married Telitha Keller in February of 1878 not long after Fanny Watkins dies.  It appeared that Joel had two wives at the same time, Telitha and Mary.  Next we discovered from the 1900 Grayson County Census records that Mary is widowed by this time and she has a third son, James David Watkins born in 1883. 
We then found the record of John Henry Watkins marriage to Sarah M. Quiggins in Grayson County, Kentucky on October 24, 1903.  Marriage and Birth records from this time are invaluable because the information contained in the document was offered by the person of which the document references thus in most cases contain fewer errors.  John Henry Watkins claims on this marriage record his parents to be Dave and Margaret (Pryor) Watkins.   We knew we were looking for Mary Margaret Watkins and now we knew her maiden name was Pryor.  Researching further we discovered that David Watkins and Joel Watkins were actually brothers! The 1890 Federal Census records are not available and by the census of 1900 Mary Margaret is widowed.  It's been over ten years and we have yet to find death records for Joel, David, or even David's first wife Nancy Watkins.  Documents prove Mary Margaret was married to David E. Watkins and though the 1880 census record offers her as the wife of Joel Watkins later records prove that record to be a mistake. 
We have evidence to prove genealogy unique of others researching these Watkins men of Grayson County, Kentucky.
When Mary's oldest Watkins son Charles William Watkins dies in 1952 his wife was the informant and offers that Charles' father was David Watkins and that Charles was born in Grayson County, Kentucky.  
Mary Margaret is enumerated with son John Henry and his wife Sarah Quiggins in the 1920 and 1930 Federal Census records.  Mary Margaret Watkins dies in Louisville, Kentucky on October 22, 1930.  She is listed as the widow of David Watkins and that her parents are David Pryor and Susie Sutton all born in Kentucky.  Sarah Quiggins Watkins is listed as the informant. 
David E. Watkins died sometime after 1883 and before 1900 in Grayson County, Kentucky.  His death location has not been discovered.

Your input would be appreciated!

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