John Watkins

John Watkins
Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure
March 6, 1778 Baltimore County, Maryland
United to Mary Polly Swarens in Hardin County, Kentucky about 1802.
July 17, 1854 Menard County, Illinois
Hash Cemetery

Children of John Watkins:
William Gray Watkins
Born: 1803, Kentucky
Died: 1876, Illinois
Nancy Elizabeth Watkins
Born: March 15, 1807 Kentucky
Died: July 6, 1885 Kansas
Sarah Watkins
Born: 1810 Kentucky
Died: Unknown
Silas Watkins
Born : 1814 Kentucky
Last documented Tax Record 1863 Illinois
Mary Polly Watkins :
about 1815 Kentucky
Last census record 1870 Illinois as wife of John Hamilton
John Swarens Watkins:
1820, Kentucky
 1892, Illinois
Warren C. Watkins:
January 28,1823 Indiana
 October 5,1847 Illinois
Isaac Miles Watkins:
April 19,1825 Indiana
June 17, 1888 Illinois
John Watkins of the 1800 Hardin County tax list is possibly the John Watkins son of Samuel Watkins also listed.  In 1800 John would have been 22 years of age. 

The 1810 Census record of Hardin County, Kentucky offers the household of Samuel Watkins as follows:
Males under 10 (3) Elijah, Joseph, and Warren, Males 10-15 (2) Hankerson and Lewis Males 16-25 (1) Samuel Jr., Males 45 and over (1) Samuel, Females under 10 (1) Elizabeth, Females 16-25 (1)Amelia or Sarah, Females 45 and over (1) Mary

The 1810 Grayson County Census Record believed to be for John Watkins transcribed (the original records are nearly illegible):

Males under 10 (2)  William Gray and 1 Unknown Males 26-44 (1) John Watkins Females Under 10 (2) Nancy and Sarah Females 26-44 (1) Mary Polly

The 1810 Federal Census record for Grayson County, Kentucky (formed that year) offer three Watkins households including John Watkins, James Watkins, and Isaiah Watkins. Grayson County Kentucky offers a transcription of the early minutes of The Baptist Church of Christ near Beaver Dam Creek.  The following excerpt of those minutes show John and Mary Polly as living in the area on June 12, 1813.
June 12th 1813
JuneThe Church met pursuant to adjournment and after prayer proceeded to Business.
Peggy Taylor Charged1st The reference as respects Sister Peggy Taylor taken up and She gave the Church full Satisfaction as respects the Charge.
John & Polly Watkins rec. by letter2nd Bro John Watkins and Sister Polly Watkins received by letter.
Adjourned                                John Morgan Clk

Hart County, Kentucky was formed in 1819 from parts of Hardin and Barren Counties.  A John Watkins is listed on the 1820 Hart County, Kentucky tax list, but is not the John Watkins son of Samuel and Mary Watkins. 

John Watkins is enumerated in Harrison County, Indiana in 1820 living in close proximity to brother James Watkins.

1830 Sangamon County, Illinois Federal Census:
Males under 5 (2) 2 Unknown Males 5-9  (2) Warren C. and Isaac Miles, Males 10-14 (1) John Swarens, Males 15-19 (1) Silas, Males 50-59 (1) John (1) Females 15-19 (1) Sarah or Mary Polly, Females 40-49 Mary Polly

1840 Menard County, Illinois Federal Census:
Males 10-14 (1) Isaac Miles, Males 15-19 (1) Warren C., Males 20-29 (1) John Swarens, Males 60-69 (1) John, Females 50-59 (1) Mary Polly

 John Watkins unites with Mary Polly Swarens
in Hardin County, Kentucky about 1800. Mary Polly Swarens is the daughter of John Swarens and Nancy Ann Brunk.  Nancy Ann is the daughter of Christopher Brunk another Kentucky Pioneer of the area listed on the 1800 Hardin County tax list. 
The family of John Watkins removed from Kentucky before 1820  living briefly in Indiana where sons Isaac Miles and Warren C. were born. Nancy Elizabeth united to Richard Walton Gwin on April 10, 1824 in Harrison County, Indiana.  The family of John Watkins then settled in the area of Springfield, Illinois in Sangamon County before 1830.  Menard County was formed in 1839 from the county of Sangamon.  Menard County, Illinois being the county of which they lived until John and Mary Polly Watkins eventually died.

 James Watkins (brother of John) marries Christina Swarens (sister of Mary Polly) in Hardin County, Kentucky, the marriages taking place about the same time.   Nancy Ann Brunk is the Aunt of Elizabeth Brunk who later marries James L. Watkins.  James L. Watkins is the son of Isaiah Watkins who is also listed on the 1800 Hardin County list.  The birth date of John Watkins would imply that John was born just 5 months after the marriage of his parents, October 5, 1777 Baltimore County, Maryland

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