William D. Pryor

William David Pryor
September 23, 1858
United First to 
Sidney "Sidna" Davis 
Grayson County, Kentucky
United second to 
Cindicia (Dicie) Golliday 
February 22, 1937
June 8, 1940
Grayson County, Kentucky

A copy of the original death record of
William David Pryor 
can be viewed below:

Researching William David Pryor unfolded undeniable mystery and intrigue.  William David Pryor's parents are plainly listed on his death certificate as William Pryor and Susan Phillip.  This information was offered by his second wife of which he had only been married a few years before his death occurred. 
William D. Pryor is enumerated first in Grayson County, Kentucky in the household of Sarah Prior (Pryor) .    Sarah was the grandmother of William D. Pryor.  Along with Sarah (Head of Household) and with William D. age 2 years the 1860 Grayson County Federal Census offers that the household also included:

 Jane Prior age 24
Susan Prior age 19
Mary M. Prior age 17
Elizabeth Prior age 11
Ann Richardson age 4
John Prior age 4 months

Ten years ahead 12 year old Wm D. Pryor is enumerated in the household with David C. Pickerill age 70 and his young wife Mary M.  age 28.  

See The 1870 Federal Census record 
of William D. Pryor

Research indicates that Mary M. of this record would be the daughter of David Pryor and Sarah Sutton.  Sarah Sutton married David Pryor about 1833 in Grayson County, Kentucky.  David Pryor died in 1855 leaving his wife Sarah Pryor with several daughters not having yet married or acquired the age to marry.   The record above would leave you to believe that William D. Pryor may have been the illegitimate son of Mary M. Pryor, but his death record above clearly states otherwise.
Further research discovers the 1850 Federal Census record enumerating David Prior (Pryor) in nearby Meade County, Kentucky with wife Sarah and the following household members also listed:

William Prior age 17
Jane Prior age 15
Susanna Prior age 9
Mary Prior age 7
Rebecca Prior age 3
Elizabeth Prior age 1
It seems Sarah Pryor moved her family to Grayson County after David Pryor had departed.  The family was also listed in Grayson County, Kentucky in 1840.  It is not known what initiated the brief move to Meade County.  According to the death record of William Pryor, son of David and Sarah Pryor,  William died in Louisiana in 1853 and was single at that time.  His death information was recorded in Grayson County, Kentucky and plainly states he was the son of David and Sarah Pryor.   With the consistent records and documentation of William D. Pryor's birth year and birthplace it seems we are left to our own imagination as to William David Pryor's parentage.

UPDATE: April 10, 2016
A birth record is available in Grayson County, Kentucky for the year 1858 listing a William D. Phillips born September 23 of that year.  The document claims William D. to be the son of William Phillips and Susan Pryor.  
See Below:
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Please Note:
 Susan Pryor continues to be enumerated with her mother in Grayson County following the birth of William D.  He is consistently listed as William D. "Pryor", though genetically speaking William D. Pryor would carry the surname Phillips Y-DNA. 

 Mary Margaret Pryor marries a second time to David E. Watkins also of Grayson County.  Together they create 3 sons who in 1900 are enumerated with Mary there.  Mary Watkins offers the census taker that she has delivered four children and that all four are living at that time.  In 1910 Mary Margaret is enumerated in Daviess County, Kentucky in the household with Samuel Owen Pickerill.  She is listed as "Margret Pickerill" and mother to Samuel Owen.  Research discovers that Samuel Owen was created from her marriage with David Pickerill (see 1870 Census Record above) and that in 1909 Samuel Owen Pickerill's wife had died leaving him with three young sons.  Before the year 1920 and until her death in 1930, Mary Margaret is found in the household with son John Henry Watkins and his family.   
Ironically Mary Margaret (Pryor) Pickerill Watkins and William David Pryor of this page share a birth day.  Both were born on September 23rd.  

The known children of William D. Pryor
Henry Lee Pryor 
Born: February 12, 1882
Michael Pryor
Born: April 8,1883
Jacob A. Pryor
Born: August 17, 1885

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