Isaiah Watkins

Isaiah Watkins
About 1765
Before 1820 Grayson County, Kentucky
 united to Rachel Leggett about 1788
In 1790 enumerated in Maryland

Known Children of Isaiah Watkins and Rachel Leggett:
 Susanna Watkins
 Born October 10, 1788 Maryland
Rachel Watkins
 Born June 20, 1792 Maryland
James L. Watkins
 Born about 1799 Hardin County, Kentucky
Isaiah Watkins
 Born about1807 Hardin County, Kentucky
Matilda Watkins:
 Born before 1810
Unknown Female
 Before 1810 But After 1800
Unknown Female
 Before 1810 But After 1800

GRAYSON COUNTY, Kentucky was formed in 1810, from Hardin and Ohio Counties, and is bounded on the north by Hardin and Breckinridge, on the east by Hart, on the south by Edmonson, and on the west by Ohio and Butler. It was named in honor of Col. William Grayson, a Virginian, and a distinguished politician.

The parents of Isaiah Watkins remain undiscovered, but due to the commonplace occurrence of naming the oldest son after the paternal grandfather it is likely that Isaiah Watkins was the son of a James Watkins. 

The 1790 Harford, Maryland Federal Census Record enumerating Isaiah Watkins can be viewed below:

The 1790 Harford, Maryland census record above shows 2 males of the age of sixteen and 4 females in the household of Isaiah Watkins.  A John Watkins is enumerated in close proximity to Isaiah in that year.  Available records offer that Susannah (born 1788) was likely the first child born to the marriage of Isaiah Watkins and Rachel, the census above offers another female in the home.  The possibility also exists that a second family lived with Isaiah and Rachel at that time due to the  above record listing 2 males of the age of 16.  Isaiah Watkins would have been about 25 years old at that time.  The 1790 Federal Census record enumerating the families in Kentucky would included Samuel Watkins enumerated in Jefferson County also in 1790 James Watkins and John Watkins both listed in Fayette County.  Hardin County was formed just after this census was taken and it seems that the three were then all listed on the 1800 Hardin County tax list.  Neither Isaiah nor Thomas Watkins were listed as living in Kentucky in 1790.   

1810 Grayson County Federal Census

Males under 10 (1) Isaiah Jr., Males 10-16 (1) James L., Males 26-45 (1) Isaiah, Females under 10 (3) Matilda and 2 Unknown, Females 10-16 (2) Rachel and Susannah, Females over 45 years (1) Rachel

Below you will find a portion of information from the early minutes of Severns Valley Baptist Church Elizabethtown, Kentucky the church constituted on June 18, 1781

"A door being opened by the church to heare experience and baptism
3 July 1802
Samuel Watkins Jur was received experience and baptism
Barbara Roof was received experience and baptism
Sarah by letter
Isaiah Watkins was received by experience and baptism
Abraham Riley was received by experience and baptism
Catran Riley was received by experience and baptism
John Bozarth was received by experience and baptism
Friend McMahon was received by experience and baptism
Thomas Duvall was received by experience and baptism"

On Page 360 of the book "Pioneer Baptist Church Records of South-Central Kentucky and the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee, 1799-1899" by C. P. Cawthorn & N. L. Warnell. Published 1985
Isaiah Watkins was a messenger of Rock Creek Baptist Church, Grayson Co., KY: 1813

It seems Isaiah Watkins became a member of Rock Creek Baptist Church sometime after his baptism in 1802 at Severns Valley Baptist Church and before 1813. Rock Creek Baptist Church (also known as the "Old Burnt Church") is long gone but a cemetery remains near where the church once stood.  The cemetery lies off of Dennis Higdon Road in the area of Rock Creek. The book named above also claims an Isaiah Watkins was a messenger for the same church in the 1830's and we know that Isaiah the father had passed away by this time.   It is probable the reference is to his son that carried his name.

 A "messenger" in a congregation during this time would be a voting representative of the church that would travel to other church locations. An image of the cemetery taken October 5, 2012 can be viewed below. The condition of the cemetery is poor. Over half of the grave markers consist of medium size stones with no markings. The stones that have markings are memorials for deceased persons after the 1830's.  It is likely that Isaiah Watkins was laid to rest near Rock Creek, Grayson County, Kentucky.  

For more Information on Rock Creek Baptist Church and a Video of The Old Burnt Church Cemetery
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1820 Grayson County Federal Census
Males 10-16 (1) Isaiah Jr., Females 10-16 (2) Matilda and 1 Unknown, Females 16-25 (2) Rachel and 1 Unknown, Females over 45 (1) Rachel Widow of Isaiah Watkins

The only Watkins' enumerated in 1820 in Grayson County, Kentucky are Rachel Watkins then about 55 years old and her son James L. Watkins then 21 years old.

Isaiah Watkins was too young to have acquired land in Kentucky for service in the American Revolutionary War.  By the end of the war when land was being sold and given as payment for serving Isaiah would have been a young man under 20 years.   Available records prove Isaiah Watkins united to Rachel and created several children before migrating to Kentucky.   Son James L. Watkins offers he was born in Kentucky on all census records.  Isaiah and Rachel Watkins must have removed from Maryland after 1792 and before 1799.  Isaiah Watkins would have acquired the land he settled before the county was formed and is the "Patriarch" Watkins of Grayson County, Kentucky.  Descendants of Isaiah Watkins are the only "Watkins" families enumerated from 1820 through 1870 in Grayson County, Kentucky.   

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