William W. Lawes

William W. Lawes
 1791 Maryland
#1 united to Elizabeth Bosmer
 #2: united to Elizabeth M.A. Laws
about 1849
March 7, 1876
originally buried in The Western Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky
William W. Lawes' remains were exhumed and reburied on May 9, 1885 at Cave Hill National Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky
Few records remain to assist us in the discovery of the truths of William W. Lawes.
The records available are listed below for your evaluation.
The earliest record offering history pertaining to William W. Lawes in the Louisville area might be the 1830 Federal Census.
Wm W. Lawes is enumerated as 30-39 years of age in Jefferson County, Kentucky. 
The record is transcribed below:
Males under 5: 1, Males 5-9: 1, Males 15-19: 2, Males 30-39: 1 (William), Females 5-9: 1, Females 15-19: 1, Females 30-39: 1 (possibly Elizabeth Bosmer)
Also enumerated in 1830 are 5 slaves in the household of Wm W. Lawes. 
If the listed members of this household in 1830 include the biological children of William W. Lawes and his wife at that time then those children would have been born as seen below:

1 son born1825-1829
1 son born 1820-1824
2 sons born 1811-1815
1 daughter born 1820-1824
1 daughter born 1811-1815
The 1840 Federal Census transcribed below:
Males 20-29: 1 , Males 40-49 (William): 1, Females under 5: 2, (1 Unknown and 1 Mary E. Lawes), Females 20-29: 2, Female 40-49: 1 (Elizabeth Bosmer)
Also enumerated in 1840 are 8 slaves in the household of William W. Lawes
The 1850 Census record enumerating William W. Lawes offers he was born in Maryland. 
See Below:

William and Elizabeth as seen here in 1850 are noted to have married within the last year.  It is noteworthy to mention that the census taker actually claims the same marriage status of nearly every head of household listed on this page.  When Williams' daughter Mary E. passes away in 1920 the informant on her death certificate offers that Mary's father is William Waller Lawes born in Maryland.  Mary E. Lawes never marries and appears to remain in the household with her father William W. Lawes until his death.
The 1850 Federal Census enumerates a William Lawes Born about 1829 and Thomas Lawes Born about 1831 living in one household in the 4rth district 8th Ward in Louisville, Kentucky. William is listed as a Pattern Maker and Thomas Lawes is listed as Blacksmith. 
 This record offers that William W. Lawes and daughter Mary E. are living in the household with a John Hale.  John Hale is listed as a Master Builder but gives no dollar figure of the value of the real estate he owns.  The enumerator then lists several other household members before he offers the details of William W. and at that time a value of real estate is offered of $10,000. 
The 1861 Corins Louisville City Directory offers that William Lawes was a City Measurer and lived at 335 1/2 3rd Street between Walnut and Chestnut.
The 1873 Corins Louisville City Directory offers that William W. Lawes was an Inspector of Carpenter Work and lived at 224 Third Street Opposite of Guthrie Street. 
The 1876 Corins Louisville City Directory offers that William W. Lawes was a City Inspector and lived at 224 Third Street near Chestnut.  William W. Lawes passed away on March 7, 1876.  
Note: Each Directory listed here also offers that Mary E. Lawes lived at this address and that her occupation was teaching or teacher.   

The death record of William W. Lawes offers he was born in Maryland, was a widow at the time of his death, his residence was in the 7th Ward at 224 Third Street Louisville, Kentucky, and he was buried in The Western Cemetery. 

On May 9, 1885 the remains of William W. Lawes were exhumed and re-interred at the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky along with his wife Elizabeth M.A. Lawes who had breathed her last decades before.   Elizabeth M. A.'s daughter, Anne Uptonia (Beckwith) Reaugh, and others where also reburied there from other locations.  In 1920 Mary E. Lawes was last to rest for eternity in Section 621 at the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Grave 1: William Waller Lawes (1791-1876)
Grave 2: Elizabeth M. A. Lawes (1798-Before 1860) and William Edwin Lawes and Waller Lawes
Grave 3:Thomas N. Reaugh (1810- 1869) and William L Reaugh and Elizabeth L Reaugh
Grave 4: Mrs. Anne U. Reaugh (1819-1885)
Grave 5: Z. H. Tennehill, ( 1825 - 1888) and Wilkins W Tennehill, child (1886 - 1886)
Grave 6:  Upton B. Reaugh (1842-1895)
Grave 7:  Miss Mary E Lawes (1840-1920), daughter of William W. Lawes
Grave 8: Believed to be unused

Each grave remains unmarked in this small section of 8 graves that Mary Lawes had acquired nearly 40 years before, her reason we can only imagine....her wishes most likely to have the ones she loved together for eternity. 

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