Simon Pryor

Simon Pryor
February 19, 1760
Essex County, New Jersey
Andrew Pryor and Polly
united to Susannah Morgan August 16, 1785 Nelson County, Kentucky   
February 10, 1842
Grayson County, Kentucky

The children of Simon Pryor and Susannah Morgan

Ann Pryor Born 1786
John B. Pryor Born 1787
Simon Pryor Born 1789
Rachel Pryor Born 1791
Mary Ellen Pryor Born 1792
Moses Pryor Born 1794
Sarah Pryor Born 1797
Samuel Pryor Born 1799
Diadame Pryor Born 1800
Charles Pryor Born 1802
Hannah Pryor Born 1804
Andrew Pryor Born 1806
David Pryor Born 1809

The 1820 Grayson County Federal Census record enumerating Simon Pryor transcribed below:

Males under 10 (1) David, Males 10-15 (2) Andrew and Moses, Males 26-44 (1) Charles, Males 45 and over (1) Simon Pryor, Females under 10 (1) Unknown, Females 10-15 (1) Hannah, Females 16-25 (1) Sarah, Females 45 and over (1) Susannah

The female under 10 years of age in the household with Simon Pryor in 1820 does not appear to be a daughter. 

The information below is gathered in part from available records offered to the government by Simon and Susannah Pryor to prove that Simon Pryor had served in The American Revolutionary War: 
Ann Pryor born June 10, 1786 died October 3, 1789. John Pryor's death occurred November 6, 1801 and Simon Pryor Jr.'s death occurred April 9, 1818.  Rachel Pryor married George Ober in Bullitt County, Kentucky September 10, 1806 and died on October 21, 1837.  Mary Ellen Pryor married Alexander Probus March 3, 1809.  Moses Pryor, born December 9, 1794, married Rutha Early in 1825 Grayson County, Kentucky. Moses was last enumerated in 1870 having lived out the remaining years of his life there.  Sarah Pryor appears to have united to Frances Sands and was living in Grayson County, Kentucky in 1850. A son named John is noted in the files of Simon Pryor to have been born to Sarah on December 11, 1817, but does not mention Sarah being married when the pension application was submitted.  Samuel Pryor was born January 9, 1799 and died August 10, 1799.  Diadame Pryor was born November 19, 1800 and died September 11, 1817.  Charles Pryor was born November 11, 1802 and died January 17, 1824.  The history of Hannah Pryor born October 22, 1804 remains undiscovered, though it is assumed she lived to adulthood.  Andrew M. Pryor born July 21, 1806 married Cynthia H. Smith about 1830 and was last enumerated in Breckinridge County, Kentucky in 1860.  David Pryor born March 16, 1809 unites to Sarah Sutton about 1833 and dies in Meade County, Kentucky on September 23, 1855

The 1830 Grayson County Federal Census record enumerating Simon Pryor transcribed below:

Males 5-9 (1) Unknown, Males 20-29 (1) David, Males 70-79 (1) Simon Pryor, Females 20-29 (1) Unknown, Females 60-69 (1) Susannah

A Timeline To The Life Of Simon Pryor Can Be Viewed Below:

1760: Born New Jersey
1776: Joined New Jersey Militia in May
1781: Discharged from serving
1785: United in marriage to Susannah Morgan 
Nelson County, Kentucky
1800: Federal Tax List Bullitt County, Kentucky
1810: Federal Census Record Bullitt County, Kentucky
1820: Federal Census Record Grayson County, Kentucky
1830: Federal Census Record Grayson County, Kentucky
1832: Applied for American Revolutionary War pension on August 27, 1832
1840: Federal Census Record Grayson County, Kentucky (70-79 years of age)
1842: Simon Pryor's death occurred on February 10, 1842 
Grayson County, Kentucky

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