Lucy Watkins

Lucy Watkins
January 20, 1812
Barren County, Kentucky
John Watkins and Nancy Rountree
March 14, 1830
united to Henry Rountree
Edmonson County, Kentucky
April 28, 1870
Hart County, Kentucky

Lucy Watkins is researched to be the daughter of John Watkins and Nancy Rountree.  Lucy was born in Barren County, Kentucky in 1812.   In the year of 1810 a John Watkins is enumerated in Barren County in Kentucky.   A marriage record is available and offers that a John Watkins married Elizabeth Bell in Barren County, Kentucky September   23, 1806.  John Watkins who unites to Elizabeth Bell is researched to be the son of James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy.  In the year of 1810 only one John Watkins is enumerated in Barren County. 

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John Watkins son of James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy

Lucy Watkins unites to Henry Rountree on March 14, 1830.  Henry Rountree is listed on the Kentucky tax list of 1800 in Barren County, Kentucky.  The 1810 and 1820 Federal Census records for Barren County enumerates Henry Rountree living with several slaves included in his household, but no spouse or children. 

The 1830 Edmonson County Census record enumerating Henry Rountree transcribed below:
Males 50-59 (1) Henry Females 15-19 (1) Lucy
Slaves males under 10 (1) Slaves Females under 10 (1) Slaves 10-23 (2)

Edmonson County was formed in 1825 from parts of Hart, Grayson and Warren Counties.

Henry Rountree was born February 5, 1780 Bedford County, Virginia.  He is listed as a Kentucky soldier of the War of 1812 and married Lucy Watkins when he was 50 years old.  Lucy Watkins having just recently made 18 years old.

The known children of Lucy Watkins and Henry Rountree:
Mary Polly Rountree Born 1830
Sarah Rountree Born 1833
John Rountree Born 1834
Nancy "Mitt" Rountree Born 1837
Elizabeth Rountree Born 1839
George Rountree Born 1843
Joanna Rountree Born 1845

The 1840 Hart County, Kentucky Federal Census record enumerating Lucy Watkins and Henry Rountree transcribed:

Males 5-9 (1) John, Males 60-69 (1) Henry, Females under 5 (2) Nancy and Elizabeth, Females 5-9 (2) Polly and Sally, Females 20-29 (1) Lucy

Henry Rountree died in Hart County, Kentucky
on February 14, 1845

The 1850 Hart County, Kentucky Federal Census record enumerating Lucy Watkins Rountree can be viewed below:

Adam Rountree, step-son of Lucy Rountree, continues to be censused with Lucy from 1850 through 1880 and is researched to be the son of Henry Rountree and Wealthy Richardson born September 7, 1813.  Henry Rountree united with Wealthy Richardson on December 3, 1812.  It appears that Wealthy died not long after childbirth her death occurring October 6, 1813.  The information of this note acquired of other researchers and important to mention that from 1850-1880 Adam Rountree offers census enumerators that he was born 1816-1818.  It is also noteworthy that Nancy Watkins, researched to be the mother of Lucy Watkins Rountree, is enumerated each census record living in close proximity. 

The 1860 Hart County Federal Census record enumerating Lucy Watkins Rountree can be viewed below:

Nancy Watkins is enumerated in 1860 age 78 and as part of the household.  Nancy offers she was born in Virginia on this record, though in 1850 Nancy offers she was born in Kentucky.  The state of Kentucky was created from the lands of Virginia in 1792.  Nancy Watkins is known to have been born about 1789 before the state of Kentucky was created thus may give insight to the birthplace change from census year to census year.   She does not appear on any census record after 1860.  Nancy Watkins is enumerated as 40-49 years of age in 1830 living in Edmonson County, Kentucky with one male under 5 years of age  and one male 15-19 years of age .  She is listed as 50-59 years of age living in Hart County, Kentucky from 1840 with one male 15-19 years of age.  Nancy Watkins' death date remains undiscovered.
The research of this subject is ongoing with a special interest in discovering the parentage of John Watkins, father of Lucy Watkins!
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