Elizabeth M.A. Lawes

Elizabeth M.A. Lawes
About 1800
United to 
William W. Lawes 
Before 1885
 May 9, 1885
Elizabeth M.A. Lawes was exhumed from her original burial location then reburied at Cave Hill Cemetery Louisville, Kentucky

Name Elizabeth M. A. Lawes
Gender Unknown
Burial Date 09 May 1885
Burial Place Louisville, Kentucky
Death Place Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky
Burial: Cave Hill Cemetery Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA

Elizabeth Laws listed on the 1850 record, prior to her marriage to William was Elizabeth Mary Ann Beckwith, widow of Upton Beckwith (1780-1818). Elizabeth M. A. and Upton Beckwith were the parents of Anne U. Reaugh who also appears in that household in 1850.  Elizabeth M. A. Beckwith, widow, married William W. Lawes, widower, about 1849.

        Studying this line, it appears that Elizabeth M. A. was born a "Lawes" about 1798. She went on to marry Upton Beckwith on 9 Sep 1816 in Jefferson, Kentucky, USA .  Upton Beckwith it appears died about 2 years later, in 1818.  The 1850 census implies that William W. Lawes and Elizabeth were married during the previous year.

          William being born a "Lawes" and Elizabeth M. A. being born a "Lawes" makes me believe they may have been cousins.  I have not as yet proven that.  I believe Elizabeth M. A. Lawes father was William H. Lawes.

The Cave Hill Cemetery plot of graves mentioned above was acquired by Mary E. Lawes on the 16th of March in 1885.  She purchased a section of 8 graves within Cave Hill Cemetery.  The first person to be buried there was Anne U. Reaugh on 3/16/1885. Mary then moves 8 people from their original burial places in May of 1885. The remaining graves were used as needed for family members until the death of Mary E. Lawes herself passes away in 1920.  The remaining burial plot is believed to be left unused. As is shown below, there are many of the single graves with multiple persons buried within.  In all cases, the people have proven to be either husband and wife, mother and children or father and children. No grave listed below was ever marked with a headstone however the location is very well established by the cemetery.

Grave 1: William Waller Lawes (1791-1876)
Grave 2: Elizabeth M. A. Lawes (1798-?) and William Edwin Lawes and Waller Lawes
Grave 3:Thomas N. Reaugh (1810- 1869) and William L Reaugh and Elizabeth L Reaugh
Grave 4: Mrs. Anne U. Reaugh (1819-1885)
Grave 5: Z. H. Tennehill, ( 1825 - 1888) and Wilkins W Tennehill, child (1886 - 1886)
Grave 6:  Upton B. Reaugh (1842-1895)
Grave 7:  Miss Mary E Lawes (1840-1920)
Grave 8: Believed to be unused

Record# Lawes021016-003 Death Record of William W. Lawes

William Waller Lawes was born in Maryland in about 1790. His age was 85 in his 1876 Jefferson County, Kentucky Death Record. The record shows that he worked as a yardman and resided at 824 Third Street at the time of his death which was due to "old age". He was originally buried at Western Cemetery in the downtown area of Louisville, Kentucky. Also the record shows that he was a widow at the time of his death.

Mary E. Lawes

(daughter of William W. Lawes)

Mary E Lawes Birth: Nov. 25, 1839 Death: Apr. 28, 1920 Time 1:29 PM
Condition: Single
Mother: Elizabeth Bosmer
Father: William Waller Lawes
Suffered for 2 years until her death from senility at the Louisville Home for Incurables
Burial: Cave Hill Cemetery Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA
Plot: SECTION P Lot: 621-S1/2 Grave: 7

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