John Henry Watkins

John Henry Watkins
July 10 1877
United to Sarah Marie Quiggins
April 23, 1903
Grayson County, Kentucky
March 23, 1958
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Evergreen Cemetery

Known Children of John Henry Watkins
James Russell Watkins
November 18, 1904
October 26, 1981
Elizabeth [Watkins] Glenn
June 28, 1908
January 1, 1981
William Earl Watkins
September 24, 1910
February 15, 1911
Thelma [Watkins] Vance
October 28, 1911
April 16, 1987
Delmer Watkins
October 28, 1911
October 29, 1911
Mary Watkins 
April 4, 1914
Eula May Watkins 
September 21, 1915
Marilyn Pearl [Watkins] Martin
Also Pike and Clark
February 12, 1918
January 12, 2001
Raymond Edgar Watkins
May 20, 1920
September 22, 2003
Ruby E. [Watkins] Trimble
April 10, 1924
September 16, 2011

John Henry Watkins was the son of Mary Margaret Pryor and David E. Watkins.   On September 12, 1918 John Henry signed his World War I Draft Card in Louisville, Kentucky.  He offers that he is tall, slender, has dark hair, and blue eyes.  He works for the Meugal Box Company and lives at 659 South 23rd Street in Jefferson County, Kentucky.  John Henry Watkins claims his wife Sara M. Watkins is his closest relative and then signs the document with his mark.


Thelma Watkins Vance was the informant for Vital Statistics when John Henry passed away in 1958.  She offers that he was born on October 23, 1880 which coincides with the birth date that is given when John Henry applies for Social Security in 1949.  John Henry Watkins was age 2 years old when censused in 1880.  John Henry gave his birth date as July 10, 1877 on his draft card in 1918. (see record above)  Census records vary slightly but in 1900 he is censused as born in October of 1880.  

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