Children of Charles Watkins

The Known Children of Charles Watkins and Samantha Hopper of Grayson County, Kentucky 

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Warren Watkins
March 18, 1842
 Registered for Civil War draft July 1863 as single
Warren Watkins served in the Civil War in Company F Union Regiment
 after July 1863 united to Jane Catherine Hatfield
January 26, 1915 Grayson County, Kentucky
Watkins Brothers is listed as undertaker for Warren Watkins.

Known Children of Warren Watkins
Amos D. Watkins 1864-1866
Isaiah Watkins 1866-1867
Evelyn C. Watkins 1868-1901
Hannah Watkins 1870-1929
Hiram Watkins 1873-1960
Samantha Elizabeth 1876-1920
Benjamin Franklin Watkins 1879-1924
Martha J. Watkins 1881-1965

Amos Watkins
April 8, 1843
Registered for the Civil War draft July 1863 Age 20 Single
1873 Grayson County, Kentucky united to Harriet Catherine Downs Born November 1849
March 11, 1914 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Amos Watkins
Mason Watkins Born December 1873 Kentucky
Arthur Watkins Born April 1875 Kentucky
Clay Watkins Born January 1877 Kentucky
Marshall Watkins Born December 1878 Kentucky
Goldman Watkins Born June 1881 Kentucky
Vivian Watkins Born December 1883 Kentucky
Algenon Watkins Born May 1885 Kentucky
Everey Watkins Born April 1888 Kentucky

Alcy Watkins
September 28, 1844
 1863 united to Washington Williams in Grayson County, Kentucky
February 1, 1929 Grayson County, Kentucky
Burial Little Flock Clarkson, Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Alcy Watkins
Paradine Williams Born 1864
Irena Williams Born 1866
Jacob Williams Born 1870
Celia A.Williams Born 1872
Ida Williams Born 1877

Virena Watkins
February 25, 1846 Grayson County, Kentucky
1864 united to David Williams Grayson County, Kentucky
July 11, 1925 Grayson County, Kentucky
Burial at Little Flock Clarkson, Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Virena Watkins
Larkin Williams Born 1868
Tapley Williams Born 1870
Charles Williams Born 1871
Mary Alyce Williams Born 1872
John Isham Williams Born 1875
Zerilda Williams Born 1877
Mittie E. Williams Born 1879
Hardin Williams Born 1882
Penina Williams Born 1884

Tapley Watkins
December 18, 1848
Malinda J. Skaggs united 1870 Grayson County, Kentucky
 September 30, 1933 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Tapley Watkins
Yamen Watkins Born 1871
M Watkins Born 1873
William Isham Born 1875
M Watkins Born 1877
Richard C. Watkins Born 1878
Isaiah Watkins Born 1883
Charles T. Watkins 1887

Nathan Watkins
December 19, 1851 Grayson County, Kentucky
 1st 1875 united to Martha A. Greenwalt 2nd 1910 united to Susan Hatchett
May 21, 1935 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Nathan Watkins
Lewis Watkins Born 1875
Charles W. Watkins Born 1876
Noah Riley Watkins Born 1877
Samantha J Watkins Born 1880
Harlen L. Watkins Born 1882
George B. Watkins Born 1891
Martha Ann Watkins 1893

Note: Martha A. Greenwalt Watkins is said to have died March 13, 1893 giving birth to Martha Ann who died on July 22 of the same year

Dixon Watkins
November 25, 1853 Grayson County, Kentucky
1890 First united to Amanda Jane Richardson
1894 Second united to Sarah Penina Ford
June 28, 1919 Hardin County, Kentucky

Known Children of Dixon Watkins
Leona Watkins Born 1891
Eugene Watkins Born 1893
Pauline Watkins Born 1895
Orville Watkins Born 1897
Olive Watkins Born 1899
Edith Watkins Born 1901

The death certificate for Dixon Watkins offers he was a Hotel Keeper by trade in the Upton area of Hardin County, Kentucky at the time of his death.  The Grayson County Federal Census record of 1880 offers he was a boarder living in the home of his cousin Emily J. Watkins Horn and her family and that Dixon Watkins was a "Teacher" at that time. 

Dixon Watkins and Sarah Ford

Thompson H. Watkins
February 1856 Grayson County, Kentucky
 1886 united to Emmaline W. Busroe
 Last censused in 1930 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Thompson H. Watkins
Iva Watkins Born 1887
Letitia Watkins Born 1892
S Denny Watkins Born 1896

Thompson H. Watkins was a Dry Goods Store keeper in 1880 and a boarder living in the household of his cousin Emily Jane Watkins Horn at that time.  Emily Jane is the daughter of Joel Watkins and Fannie Gragson. The 1930 Grayson County Federal Census record offers that Thompson is a merchant for dry goods and that the two lived alone in Big Clifty of Grayson County, Kentucky.  Thompson H. Watkins is the informant when Letitia "Lettie" Watkins Bell dies of "carcinoma of face" on August 11, 1918.  Letitia was the wife of Charles Bell and just 26 years old at the time of her death.  There are no known children from the union.

Marilda Watkins
May 22, 1858 Grayson County, Kentucky
1882 united to David Harland Skaggs
 August 19, 1934 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Marilda Watkins
Gilbern (possibly Gilbert) Skaggs Born 1882
Henry T Skaggs Born 1884
Curtis Skaggs Born 1886
Emma Skaggs Born 1889
Ditchler Skaggs Born 1891
Frank Skaggs Born 1894
Roy Skaggs Born 1894
John Skaggs Born 1900

Emma Busroe is the informant on the death certificate of Marilda Watkins Skaggs. 

 Marilda Watkins and David Skaggs

Emily Watkins
March 22, 1860 Grayson County, Kentucky
1886 united to Daniel Webster Skaggs
 September 7, 1922 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Emily Watkins
Ulyssis S. Grant Skaggs Born 1887
Sherman Skaggs Born 1891
Albany Skaggs Born 1894

Yaman Watkins was the registrar for Ulyssis S. Grant Skaggs WWI Draft Registration. Yamen Watkins is the son of Tapley Watkins