Hannah Watkins

Hannah Watkins
January 26, 1800 Hardin County, Kentucky (now Hart County)
November 13, 1815 united to
Elisha David Gardner
 September 30, 1854 Hart County, Kentucky
Hannah Watkins was born in what is known today as Hart County, Kentucky near the Green River.  Hannah was the oldest known daughter of James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy who had acquired the property after the American Revolutionary War.  Hannah Watkins married Elisha David Gardner before her seventeenth birthday.  Elisha Gardner born July 6, 1792 Pittsylvania, Virginia was the son of Heath Gardner and Susannah Weldon
The Known Children of
Hannah Watkins Gardner
Virginia Gardner Born 1817 Kentucky
William Gardner Born 1816 Kentucky
James Heath Gardner Born 1820 Kentucky
Stephen Gardner Born 1820 Kentucky
Samuel Watkins Gardner Born 1823 Kentucky
Isaac Weldon Gardner Born 1825 Kentucky
Emily Jane Gardner Born 1827 Kentucky
Vienna Frances Gardner Born 1830 Kentucky
Lydia Catherine Gardner Born 1834 Kentucky
Martha Ann Gardner Born 1837 Kentucky
The 1820 Hart County Federal Census record of Hannah Watkins Gardner transcribed:
Males under 10 (1) William Males 26-44 (1) Elisha Gardner Females under 10 (1) Virginia Females 16-25 (1) Hannah Females 26-44 (1) Unknown
The 1830 Federal Census record for Hannah Watkins Gardner transcribed:
Males under 5 (1) Isaac Weldon Males 5-9 (3) James Heath, Stephen, and Samuel Watkins Males 10-14 (1) William Males 30-39 (1) Elisha Gardner Females under 5 (1) Emily Females 5-9 (1) Unknown Females 10-14 (1) Virginia Females 30-39 (1) Hannah 

The 1830 Federal census record enumerating Elisha and Hannah Gardner includes a female in their household age 5-9 years of age that does not appear in the household in 1840.  Her history is undiscovered. 
The 1840 Federal Census record for Hannah Watkins Gardner transcribed:
Males 10-14 (1) Isaac Weldon Males 15-19 (2) Samuel Watkins  and Stephen Males 40-49 (1) Elisha Gardner Females under 5 (1) Martha Ann Females 5-9 (2) Vienna and Lydia C. Females 10-14 (1) Emily Jane Females 20-29 (1) Virginia Females 40-49 (1) Hannah
The 1850 Hart County, Kentucky Federal Census for Hannah Watkins Gardner can be viewed below:

Martha Ann Gardner, youngest daughter of Elisha and Hannah Gardner married John Wesley Dewitt in 1855.  She was about 18 years of age at that time.  On April 27, 1856 Emily Catherine was born from their union. On July 5, 1856 Emily Catherine dies from "inflammation of bowels".  On August 24,  just a few weeks later, Martha Ann Gardner Dewitt dies of "consumption".  Consumption is commonly known as Tuberculosis.  Martha Ann was just 19 years old at that time.
Hannah Watkins Gardner died on  September 30, 1854 and is buried in Hart County, Kentucky in a family gravesite on the farm where she and Elisha Gardner farmed and raised their children.  Her death certificate offers that she died of remittent fevers.  She was just 54 years old.

A brief history of the cemetery where Elisha Gardner and Hannah Watkins are said to be buried can be viewed below.  The date the book was transcribed is not noted:

Hart County Kentucky Cemetery Records Volume 4, Page 36, compiled by Sandra K. Gorin.

"In the early 1800s, this property belonged to Elisha and Hannah (Watkins) Gardner. Elisha and later his son, James Heath Gardner, owned a mill at this location and just across the river at 300 Springs, they operated a tavern and an inn. During the Civil War, they sold the property to a man named Garvin. At some later time, it became the property of Damon and Agnes Miller and is now owned by Marshall Puckett."

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