William Gardner

William Gardner
1819 Hardin County, Kentucky
(now Hart County)
united first to Frances Katherine Cobb
January 2, 1839
united second to Ann Maria Gibson
September 1, 1852
March 4, 1876
Green County, Kentucky

Children of William Gardner with Frances Katherine Cobb
Elisha B. Gardner Born 1840 Kentucky
James A. Gardner Born 1841 Kentucky
Georgia Ann Gardner Born 1845 Kentucky
Hannah F. Gardner Born 1852 Kentucky

Children of William Gardner with Ann Maria Gibson

Willis Thomas Gardner Born 1853 Kentucky
Edward Gardner Born 1856 Kentucky
John L. Gardner Born 1857 Kentucky
Alice Gardner Born 1861 Kentucky
Rufus Gardner Born 1862 Kentucky
Elbert Gardner Born 1865 Kentucky
Luther Gardner Born 1867 Kentucky
Helen Gardner Born 1869 Kentucky
Gertrude Gardner Born 1874 Kentucky

Hannah F. Gardner was born in March 1852 Louisville, Kentucky and died on October 1, 1852.  Hannah died from complications since birth.  Listed parents William and Frances K. Gardner.  William Gardner must have married Anna Marie Gibson just months after the death of Frances Katherine and just before the death of infant daughter Hannah.

Helen Gardner died November 28, 1874. The listed cause of death is "burn".  Helen Gardner was just 5 years old.  Listed parents William and Ann Gardner

Elisha B. Gardner enlisted for Civil War military service on October 3, 1861.  Elisha served in the "E" Company 13th Kentucky Regiment.  He was discharged on January 12, 1865 after serving 39 months.   Elisha B. Gardner is described as being born in Hart County, Kentucky with a fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and 5' 9" in height.  He had been placed in a home for disabled volunteer soldiers Marion, Grant County, Indiana in April 1903.  Elisha B. Gardner died on February 7, 1905.  He had been admitted for rheumatism and heart trouble having offered his nearest relative to be John D. Gardner of Union Station, Kentucky.  The records note him to be widowed and a blacksmith by trade.  His pension payment was listed as $12 per month at the time he was hospitalized.   A list of his affects included ".75 cents cash on person" sent to Newsome Gardner on February 23, 1905 Irvington, Kentucky noted to be Elisha B. Gardner's son. 
William Gardner is first censused 1820 Hart County, Kentucky with parents Elisha David and Hannah Watkins Gardner.  Hart County was formed in 1819 from parts of Hardin and Barren Counties. 

The Federal Census for 1820 enumerating the family of William Gardner transcribed below:
Males under 10 (1) William, Males 26-44 (1) Elisha Gardner, Females under 10 (1) Virginia, Females 16-25 (1) Hannah, Females 26-44 (1) Unknown
The 1840 Hart County Federal Census enumerating William Gardner transcribed below:
Males under 5 (1) Elisha B., Males 20-29 (1) William Gardner, Females 20-29 (1) Frances Katherine Female Slave 24-35 Unknown

The 1850 Federal Census record enumerating William Gardner has not been discovered with certainty, though several men of the name William Gardner are censused.  The available records would imply William Gardner, Frances Katherine and their children would have been inhabitants of the area of Hart County, Kentucky in 1850.  William Gardner born 1819 in censused in 1850 occupation "trader" living in a hotel or boarding house ran by William H. Lewis.  Though no death record can be found of Frances Katherine Gardner, it seems she died after (possibly during) the birth of daughter Hannah and before September 1852.

The 1860 Green County Federal Census enumerating William Gardner can be viewed below:

Note: All family members are listed as born in Kentucky.  William Gardner united to Ann Maria Gibson in September of 1852 Hart County, Kentucky.

The 1870 Green County Federal Census record enumerating William Gardner can be viewed below:

William Gardner died in Green County, Kentucky on March 4, 1876.  The record offers he was a "cabinet worker" by trade, notes his parents as Elisha and Hannah Gardner, and his cause of death to have been "consumption".   Consumption,  known also as pulmonary tuberculosis, was a common cause of death at that time.  William Gardner was just 57 years old.

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