Mary Margaret Pryor

Mary Margaret Pryor
September 23, 1844 
Meade County, Kentucky
October 22, 1930
Louisville, Kentucky
Evergreen Cemetery
 David Pryor and Sarah Sutton

 1840 Grayson County, Kentucky Federal Census transcribed below enumerating David Pryor
Males under 5 (1) William Males 5-9 (1) Simeon Males 30-39 (1) David Pryor Females under 5 (1) Jane Females 20-29 (1) Sarah
David Pryor would have been 31 years of age and Sarah would have been about 28 years at that time. 

David Pryor was the son of American Revolutionary War Soldier Simon Pryor and Susannah Morgan.  David Pryor was born on March 16, 1809 in Bullitt County, Kentucky.  David Pryor was the youngest of 13 children born to Simon Pryor and Susannah Morgan.   Click Here to be directed to the post of Simon Pryor

1850 Meade County, Kentucky Federal Census enumerating Mary Margaret Pryor
David Pryor age 41,
 Sarah Pryor age 38 (born in North Carolina),
 William Pryor age17
 Jane Pryor age 15
 Susannah Pryor age 9
 Mary Pryor age 7
 Rebecca Pryor age 3
 Elizabeth Pryor age 1
1860 Grayson County, Kentucky Federal Census enumerating Mary Margaret Pryor
Sarah 46, Jane 24, Susan 19, Mary M. 17, Elizabeth 11, Ann Richardson 4, William D. Pryor 2, John Pryor 4/12
note: The Pryor family relocated to Grayson County between September of 1855 and the date of the Federal Census of 1860 and were neighbors to the Pickerel's.
Mary Margaret Pryor married David C. Pickerel near the end of the decade.  She would have been about 25 years old.  David C. Pickerel was the son of Samuel Pickerel a Revolutionary War soldier who originally settled in Nelson County, Kentucky (before Bullitt County was established) as did Simon Pryor father of David Pryor.  Hardin County, Kentucky was formed from Nelson County in 1793.  Bullitt County Kentucky was officially formed  on January 1, 1797 from parts of Nelson and Jefferson Counties all just after Kentucky gained statehood in 1792.  Grayson County, Kentucky was formed in 1810 from parts of Hardin and Ohio Counties.   David C. Pickerel was born on October 6, 1798 and had created a large family with Sarah Miller before her death on February 7, 1863.  David Pickerel was considerably older than Mary Margaret Pryor.
1870 Grayson County Federal Census
If William D. Pryor had not been in the household with David Pickerel and Mary Margaret in 1870 and also enumerated with Mary Margaret's family in 1860 there would exist little evidence to support that Mary Margaret Pryor had been married first to David C. Pickerel.  Together they created Samuel Owen Pickerel, though the only evidence available to prove this is the 1910 Federal Census record (see the 2nd record below) and the 1880 Grayson County Census record (see below) in which Samuel Owen is enumerated with his half brother David Pickerel born 1831. Samuel Owen's birth record is not available to establish his parentage.  David C. Pickerel's death occurred August 12, 1873.  Samuel Owen Pickerel is researched to have been born on June 21, 1869, but he is not enumerated with his parents in the 1870 Grayson County, Kentucky Federal Census.  The census record below may prove his birth to have been after the census of 1870. 

Mary Margaret unites to David E. Watkins about 1874.  David is believed to be widower at this time, though no death record could be found for his first wife Nancy Brunk.  It is possible David E. Watkins and Nancy Brunk divorced, but this is not proven.  Researchers of this family have no record of the union between David E. Watkins and Mary Margaret Pryor, but there are several key records available to support that David E. Watkins was the second husband of Mary Margaret Pryor. 
David E. Watkins and Mary Margaret Pryor created three sons:

Charles William Watkins
 July 25, 1875
John Henry Watkins
 July 10, 1877
James David Watkins
 June 27, 1883

 The birth dates above were acquired from each sons draft registration and are believed to be the most accurate records due to the fact that each son would have been present at the time the information was offered.

By the time the 1900 Federal Census was taken Mary Margaret is enumerated in Grayson County, Kentucky as widowed.  She offers in this census that she is the mother of four children and that all four are still living.  Charles William, John Henry, and James David are still members of the household at that time.
The 1910 Federal Census offers that Mary Margaret is living in the household with Samuel Owen Pickerel just after the death of Samuel Owens first wife.

Samuel Owen Pickerel's death occurred on January 1, 1956 in Evansville, Indiana. 

Mary Margaret Watkins is listed in the household with John Henry Watkins for the remainder of her years.  Her death certificate dated October 22, 1930 offers that she was the widow of David Watkins.
Charles William Watkins' death certificate dated November 23, 1952 offers that his father was David Watkins and that Charles was born in Grayson County, Kentucky. 
John Henry Watkins' Grayson County, Kentucky marriage record dated October 24, 1903 offers that his parents are Dave and Margaret (Pryor) Watkins.

Interesting Facts:
The death certificate of Mary Margaret offers that she was born on September 23rd.
The death record of David Pryor (father of Mary Margaret) offers that he died on September 23rd.
The death certificate of William D. Pryor offers that he was born on September 23rd.
Mary Margaret Pryor was the daughter of and married twice to men with the given name of David.

William D. Pryor is buried in Clarkson Cemetery
 in Grayson County, Kentucky


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