Children of Joel Watkins

Children of
Joel Watkins
son of
James L. Watkins and Elizabeth Brunk

Children with Fanny Gragson:

Martha Elizabeth Watkins
June 10, 1842 Grayson County, Kentucky
Marriage #1:
April 1856 united to Perry Brunk
Marriage #2:
August 15, 1861 united to James Henry Nichols
March 26, 1919 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Martha Elizabeth Watkins
Sirena Brunk Born 1858
Margaret A. Nichols Born 1861
Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie) Nichols Born 1863 
Timothy Theron Nichols Born 1865
Jacob Simon Nichols Born 1868
William Jonah Nichols Born 1870
Sarah Adeline Nichols Born 1872
Mary Etta Nichols Born 1875
Ira Clay Nichols Born 1877
Elijah Jabe Nichols Born 1879
Brownlow Mayfield Born 1883

Martha Elizabeth Watkins may have been named for her grandmothers, Martha Sutton and Elizabeth Brunk.   She united to Perry Brunk in marriage in 1856 at age 14 years.  Perry Brunk was the son of Thomas Brunk brother of Elizabeth [Brunk] Watkins.  Perry Brunk and Martha Elizabeth were first cousins.  Perry Brunk suffered with inflammation of the bowels for 7 days prior to his death.  He was 24 years of age when the illness overtook him.  Martha Elizabeth age 19 is enumerated living with parents Joel and Fanny Watkins in July of 1860. The Grayson County, Kentucky mortality schedule of 1860 offers that Perry Brunk died November of 1860. It seems that Martha Elizabeth and infant daughter Sirena remain in the household with her parents until she marries James Henry Nichols in 1861.  The 1900 census record for Martha Nichols states she had given birth to 11 children and that 8 are still living.

James W. Watkins
1844 Grayson County, Kentucky

 James W. Watkins is enumerated with parents Joel and Fanny Watkins in 1850 age 6 and in 1860 age 16.  There is no confirmation of what happens to James W. after 1860.
UPDATE June 2016:
A Grayson County land deed dated 1899 recently discovered includes a transaction between the children of Joel Watkins and T. L. Gibson.  James W. Watkins is not listed.

Margaret Watkins
December 5, 1846 Grayson County, Kentucky
April 22, 1862 Grayson County, Kentucky

Emily Jane Watkins
October 19, 1848 Grayson County, Kentucky
December 3, 1874 united to Hezekiah Shelton Horn
April 19, 1935 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Emily Jane Watkins

Delingo R. Horn Born 1875
D.G. Horn Born 1876
Ditzler G. Horn Born 1878
Effie M. Horn Born 1878
Bedford S. Horn 1879
Talmidge Flint Horn Born 1881
Olgar L. Horn Born 1882
Infant Twins Born 1884
Viaclovis Horn Born 1884
Lunsford Horn Born 1887
Jesse Clinton Horn Born 1889

Emily J. Watkins delivered 11 children of over 20 said to be fathered by Hezekiah Shelton Horn.  He married first to Sarah Gragson then second to Martha Gragson both sisters of Fanny Gragson, mother of Emily J.  Watkins.  
Hezekiah Horn was a local area physician in Grayson County.  Of the known children of Hezekiah and Emily Horn only three lived long enough to reach adulthood.  The mortality schedule date of death for Effie M. Horn does not coincide with the date engraved on her grave marker.

John Henry Watkins
March 26, 1853 Grayson County, Kentucky
1877-1878 united to Mary M. Lasley (possibly Leslie)
November 8, 1932 Grayson County, Kentucky

Researching John Henry Watkins resulted little discovery.  A birth record for an Arthur L. Watkins born October 1, 1878 Grayson County, Kentucky offers his parents to be John H. Watkins and Mary M. Lasley.  The 1880 Federal Census record in Grayson County found a J.H. Watkins age 27 with female M.M. Watkins age 21 with son A.L. Watkins age 1.  In 1900 John Henry Watkins is enumerated as divorced living with cousin John T. Hart and family in Horntown, Grayson County, Kentucky. The 1910 census record offers John H. Watkins is widowed and living in the household of his sister Martha [Watkins] Nichols and family.  From 1920 and until his death John Henry Watkins was enumerated as widowed and an inmate of the Grayson County Poor Farm.  He is buried in the Poor House Cemetery. 
Images of the burial place of John Henry Watkins can be viewed below.

Phoebe J. Watkins
July 28, 1855 Grayson County, Kentucky
1874 united to William D. Horn
March 24, 1940 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Phoebe J. Watkins
Linel Beecher Horn Born 1874
E. Z. Horn Born 1876
Fanny S. Horn Born 1878
Lemuel Horn Born 1880
Margaret Catherine Horn Born 1883
Samuel P. Jones Horn Born 1887
John Bristow Horn Born 1890

William D. Horn was the son of Rufus Morgan Horn and nephew to Hezekiah Shelton Horn husband of Emily J. Watkins listed above.   

Robert Ganaway Watkins
December 27,1859 Grayson County, Kentucky
1876 united to Laura J. Gragson
 July 25, 1933 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Robert Ganaway Watkins
Flora Watkins Born 1878
Sarah E. Watkins Born 1882
Charles Irwin (Bud) Watkins Born 1884
Fanny D. Watkins Born 1887
Lilburn Watkins Born 1891
Ernest Watkins Born 1891
Myrtle Watkins Born 1893

A death record in Grayson County for Sarah E. Watkins daughter of R. G. and Laura J. Watkins offers that Sarah E. was murdered in Owensboro, Kentucky on September 26, 1904. This record offers that she was 19 years old and single.  Census records for Sarah E. offer she was born in 1882 thus would have actually been about 22 years old in 1904.

Lovell Ruseau Watkins
August 1866 Grayson County, Kentucky
 March 18, 1891 united to Martha Ellen Golladay
 August 7, 1944 Grayson County, Kentucky

Known Children of Lovell Ruseau Watkins
Zelma Watkins Born 1892
Fannie L. Watkins Born 1897

Lovell Ruseau Watkins joined the military on August 13, 1888 in Louisville, Kentucky.  He offers that his occupation was salesman and describes himself with blue eyes, brown hair, fair skin, and 6 feet and 1/2 inches tall.  The record offers that he was discharged on June 27, 1890 for a disability while serving at Fort Assiniboine in Montana as a Military Captain for Army 20th Infantry Unit Company K.   Fort Assiniboine stood from 1879-1911 having been established to prevent Sitting Bull and The Sioux Warriors from returning from Canada.  His character is noted as "excellent".  Martha Ellen Golladay became his wife less than one year later.
In 1900 Lovell Watkins is listed as divorced and a household member with Phoebe Watkins Horn and family.  In 1900 Martha E. is listed in the household with her father John P. Golladay and family.  She is enumerated as married with 2 children at that time.
Martha E. [Golladay] Watkins dies September 13, 1902.  Lovell Ruseau Watkins is enumerated in 1920 age 54 living as widowed and an inmate at the Grayson County, Kentucky poor farm. 

Children with Telitha Keller:

Joel Watkins age 54 marries Telitha Keller age 21 on February 5, 1878 in Grayson County, Kentucky.  Below you will find a Jefferson County, Kentucky Federal Census record enumerating the 3 children of Joel Watkins created from his union with Telitha Keller.  Telitha Watkins married Floyd Davis in Meade County, Kentucky on October 10, 1892. 

Clayton Winfield Watkins
March 17, 1880 Grayson County, Kentucky
1910 united to Theresa Barnhill
April  30, 1957 Buncombe County, North Carolina

Clayton Watkins had no children.  He was censused as a salesman other than in 1900 when he was listed as a barber.  Clayton Watkins' death record offers he was the son of Joel Watkins born in Grayson County, Kentucky.

Carrie Watkins
February 1884

Myrtle Watkins
January 1890

No proven discovery of the history of Carrie Watkins and Myrtle Watkins.
Myrtle Watkins was born on January 21, 1890.  She united in marriage to Oscar W. Bursiel on July 11, 1911.  Together they create one daughter Antionette Bursiel.  In 1920 the family is censused in Miami County, Ohio Antionette Bursiel listed as age 10 born in Kentucky.   Myrtle [Watkins] Bursiel died on May 7, 1924 buried in Forest Hill Cemtery.  Antionette Bursiel graduates high school around 1927 where she had been a member of The History Club.

A land deed below dated August 21, 1899 Grayson County, Kentucky offers details of a transaction between the children of Joel Watkins and T.L. Gibson.  This record does not refer to the children as heirs of Joel Watkins and does not list Myrtle Watkins who would have been about 9 years old at the time.  It reads as follows:

This Deed of Conveyance made and entered into this 21 day of August 1899, between Ganaway Watkins, John Henry Watkins, Ruseau Watkins, Martha Nichols, Emily Jane Horn, Phoeba Ann Horn, of the county of Grayson and Clay Watkins and Carrie Watkins of the County of Jefferson State of Ky party of the first part and T L Gibson county of Grayson State of aforesaid, party of the second part, Witnesseth: That said party of the first part and in consideration of the sum of thirty two ($32.00) dollars lawful money of the United States cash in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do hereby sell and convey to the party of the second part his heirs and assigns the following described property , to wit: That is all our undivided interest in the lands herein described, the said lands lying and being in Grayson County, Kentucky on the waters of Big Clifty Creek and composed of two adjoining tracts, the first being bounded as follows: Beginning at a gum in Geo. Keller's line west of a branch thence south 52 East 66 poles to a stone , near a barn, thence North 32 1/2 East 19poles to a stone , thence South 46 1/2 East 41 poles to a stone in R P Gragson's line, thence with said line S 12 W 83 1/2 poles to a black oak , thence North 62  west 110 poles to a post oak, thence N 10 E77 1/2 poles to the beginning, containing 45 1/2 acres. The second tract being bounded as follows : Beginning at a post oak a corner of the Joel Watkins land , thence to a stone in the Big Clifty road, thence down said road to John Hatfields corner, thence in a straight line to a stone in the Joel Watkins line, thence with the said Watkins line to the beginning containing 7 acres more or less -This last named tract being once a part of the Keller farm and the 45 1/2 acre tract the Joel Watkins farm- To have and to hold the same, together with all the appurtenances there-unto belonging unto the party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever. And the said party of the first part hereby covenants with the said party of the second part, that they will warrant the title to the property hereby conveyed unto the said party of the second part and his heirs and assigns forever.  with covenant of General Warranty. A lien is retained upon the property hereby conveyed as security for the payment of the said unpaid purchase money.  In testimony whereof, the party of the first part have hereun to subscribed their names the day and year aforesaid. 

This deed was signed by Rouseau Watkins (his mark) John Watkins (his mark) Martha Nichols (her mark) and Emily Jane Horn (her mark)

Recorded at the Grayson County, Kentucky courthouse on March 16, 1908.

Myrtle Watkins born January 1890 is the youngest known child of Joel Watkins.  It is certain that Joel Watkins died after 1889 and before Telitha Watkins marriage to Floyd Davis in 1892. Though Joel Watkins' precise death date remains undiscovered it seems unusual that the recently discovered 1899 deed above would not have offered if he was deceased at that time or referred to the children as heirs of Joel Watkins.

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