Samuel Watkins son of James and Nancy

January 2017 Update:
Several months ago it was brought to my attention that the post written of Samuel Watkins born in 1788 may be in error.   Of the men who originally settled in Hardin County, Kentucky and listed on the 1800 Kentucky Tax List for Hardin County among them only 3 are enumerated in the area when the census was taken in 1810 although the possibility that the John Watkins listed then may have been the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure.    

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 James, Samuel, and Isaiah Watkins are each enumerated in the area of Hardin County, Kentucky in 1810.  Whether the John Watkins listed on the 1800 tax list is the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary Mc Clure or possibly the brother of Isaiah Watkins has never been proven.   In 1790 Isaiah Watkins is enumerated as neighbors to a John Watkins in Harford County, Maryland.  Thomas Watkins has been difficult to research and his post or page of research is lacking much detail.   There is no Thomas Watkins listed in 1810 in the area and the John Watkins listed in Grayson County, Kentucky is the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure. 
The Samuel Watkins that united to Mary Polly Whitman in Hardin County in 1811 and who migrated west to Callaway County, Kentucky may not have been the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure.   A remarkable family history has been passed down through time that the father of Enoch Strawn Watkins born in 1818 in Pickoway County, Ohio was the son of Samuel Watkins born in Hardin County, Elizabethtown, Kentucky.   Looking at the Hardin County Watkins men of 1800 that are censused in 1810 only two had sons of the correct age living at home.  Samuel Watkins and wife Mary had one son 16-25  and James Watkins and wife Nancy had two males of that age in their household.   In 1810 Samuel Watkins would have been about 22 years.   My own research led me to believe that Samuel Watkins Jr. born about 1788 united to Polly Whitman in 1811 removed from Hardin County to Calloway County in Kentucky and died there about 1837.  

A Samuel Watkins born in Kentucky is enumerated in 1850 in Indiana and then later died in Warren County, Indiana in 1859.   The proof he united to Sarah Strawn and created Enoch Strawn Watkins is also established with documentation.  Considering the family history and the accessible records it would be wrong not to offer the possibility that Samuel Watkins father of Enoch Strawn Watkins may be the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure. 
The available records of the Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly [Whitman] Watkins overwhelmingly indicate that they too are closely related to Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure.  
No other researcher suggests that James Watkins and Nancy Kennedy created a son with the given name Samuel but it may be something to consider as Thomas Whitman father of Mary Polly Whitman lived in close proximity to both James Watkins and Samuel Watkins in Hart County, Kentucky.  Had close ties to each through the Swarens and Brunk families.  It is also noteworthy to mention that Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly [Whitman] Watkins gift a son the name Samuel Hezekiah Watkins.  Hezekiah Watkins is a proven son of James Watkins and Nancy [Kennedy] Watkins.
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Samuel Watkins
1788 Hardin County, Kentucky
united to Mary Polly Whitman
May 25, 1811
Hardin County, Kentucky
November 10, 1836
Calloway County, Kentucky

Mary Polly Whitman was the daughter of Thomas Whitman and Christina Brunk.  Christina Brunk was the daughter of Christopher Brunk who migrated from South Carolina to Kentucky with the Whitman and Swarens families about 1794. 
An account of Thomas Whitman can be viewed below:

Of note another Baptist Historian of the time period, Carter Tarrant, wrote in 1808:

          "I have had no account from him, but have been personally acquainted with him eighteen years, therefore can venture to say a few th(i)ngs.  Mr. Whitman is about forty years of age. He formerly lived in South Carolina, where he commenced preaching; and about 14 years ago moved to Kentucky, and settled in Hardin county, and took the oversight of a church called Linn-camp, from which he with some more lately withdrew, and declared their ab(h)orence to abject slavery.
          Mr. Whitman is a good man, and full of good works, and would [be] useful if he was not so timorous."

Samuel Watkins married Mary Polly Whitman in Hardin County, Kentucky on May 25, 1811

A Samuel Watkins of the state of Kentucky enlisted in the War of 1812.
Records are available to show that Samuel Watkins served under Captain William Berryman Company 3rd Regiment
Dates of Service: September 1, 1812 to December 25, 1812
and also listed as serving as a Private under Colonel George Trotter with the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers
Date of Muster: August 27, 1813

The known children of Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly Whitman:

William Watkins Born 1813
Elizabeth Watkins Born 1815
Robert Milton Watkins Born 1817
Nancy W. Watkins Born 1821
Christina Watkins Born 1824
James Marion Watkins Born 1827
Euphronia Watkins Born 1830
Samuel Hezekiah Watkins Born 1833
Mary Ann Watkins Born 1835

 The 1820 Federal Census records available do not offer a record including Samuel Watkins and Mary Whitman.  They are not enumerated in the households with either of their parents and have not been discovered in Kentucky, Illinois, or Tennessee in that year.  

Calloway County was formed from Hickman County, Kentucky around 1822.  Marshall County  Kentucky was formed from Calloway County in 1842.  Calloway County is located on the southern half and Marshall County the northern half of what was the original Calloway County Kentucky.  It is noteworthy to mention a Samuel Watkins is enumerated in Hickman County, Kentucky in 1820 with a young family but the listed ages do not match what should have been the ages of Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly (Whitman) Watkins.

   It is a possibility Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly Whitman migrated to the area during the census year thus missed enumeration all together.  Samuel Watkins would have been enumerated in 1820 as:

Males under 10 (2) William W. and Robert Milton

Males 26-44 (1) Samuel Watkins

Females under 10 (1) Elizabeth

Females 16-25 (1) Mary Polly

The 1830 Calloway County, Kentucky Federal Census for Samuel Watkins:

Males 40-49 (1) Samuel Watkins
Females 30-39 (1) Mary Polly

Males under 5 (1) James Marion

Males 10-14 (1) Robert Milton

Males 15-19 (1) William W.

Females under 5 (1) Euphronia

Females 5-9 (2) Christina and Nancy

Females 15-19 (1) Elizabeth
Samuel Watkins died in Calloway County in 1836

The 1840 Calloway County Federal Census enumerating Mary Polly Watkins as head of household transcribed:
Females age 40-49 Polly Watkins
Males 5-9 (1) Samuel Hezekiah
Males 10-14 (1) James Marion
Females 5-9 (1) Mary Ann (said to be born 1836)
Females 15-19 (1) Christina
1 Slave

The 1850 Calloway County Federal Census record enumerating Mary Polly Watkins as censused:
 Mary Watkins age 55
  Euphamy Watkins age 20
Samuel Watkins age 17
Mary Ann Watkins age 14
(All Born in Kentucky)
Mary Polly [Whitman] Watkins died in Calloway County, Kentucky in 1852.

Samuel, Robert, and James M. Watkins are all listed in 1860 still living in Calloway County, Kentucky. 

Samuel Watkins, likely the son of James Watkins and Nancy [Kennedy] Watkins, removed to the south western part of Kentucky before 1830 with a young family.  The migration may have been due to a land purchase or grant after the War of 1812.

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