Samuel Watkins

Samuel Watkins
 January 21, 1747 Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Maryland
 October 5, 1777 united with Mary McClure in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Maryland
Last listed on the 1820 Hart County, Kentucky Federal Census

Known Children of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure:
John Watkins  Born 1778
  Naomi Watkins Born 1779
William Watkins Born 1780
James W. Watkins Born 1782
Sarah Watkins Born 1785
Amelia Watkins Born 1786
Samuel Watkins Born 1788
Thomas Watkins Born 1789
Hankerson Watkins Born 1790
Lewis (Louis) Watkins Born 1791
Elizabeth Watkins Born 1794
Warren Cash Watkins Born 1796
Joseph Watkins Born 1797
Elijah Watkins Born 1797
Amos Watkins Born 1804

The grave marker for Joseph Watkins states his birth 1797.  The grave marker for Elijah Watkins states his birth July 1797. 

For more information on Joseph and Elijah Watkins

Samuel Watkins was granted land for his service in the American Revolutionary War where he served under George Rogers Clark, Illinois Regiment.

Grantee: Watkins, Samuel Acres: 400 Book: 8 Survey Date: 6 Mar 1783 County: Jefferson WaterCourse: Little Caney Reference:
Volume 1
Part 1
page 132 More Info: Grantee: Watkins, Samuel
Acres: 400
Book: 8
Page: 402
Date Survey: 3- 6-1783
County: Jefferson Co. Virgina

Watercourse: Little Caney

According to an excerpt from the Severns Valley Baptist Church of Hardin County, Kentucky minutes, Samuel Watkins had made permanent settlement in the area and had been there long enough to be a prominent member of the congregation by September 1787.

"22 September 1787

      The Church Met and Proceeded to Prayer and then to Buisness as follows agreed that Brother Carman and Brother Watkins wright the asociation Letter also that Isaac Dye and Christopher Miller and Jacob Vanmetre Jun and Joseph KirkP attend the asociation at Coxes Creek"

Of the things known of Samuel Watkins of the Hardin County 1800 tax list, it is certain he and his wife created a large family.  Below you will find a copy of the 1810 Hardin County Federal enumerating the family of Samuel Watkins:

Transcribed: Males under 10 (3) Amos and 2 Unknown Males 10-15 (2) Elijah and Warren Males 16-25 (1) Samuel Jr. Males over 45 (1) Samuel Females under 10 (1) Unknown, Females 16-25 (1) Sarah Females over 45 (1) Mary

Naomi Watkins united to George Close in 1795 Hardin County, Kentucky.  Available records indicate their family removed to Illinois about 1815.  Miss Betsy Watkins (Elizabeth) married William Caswell in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in August 16th of 1810.  The marriage bond was signed between Samuel Watkins and William Caswell on August 7th of that year.  Elizabeth and William Caswell are enumerated in their own household in 1810 Hardin County, Kentucky.  Amelia Watkins marries Thomas Caswell in 1808.  They also are enumerated in their own household in 1810.  Sarah Watkins born 1785 would have been the only female of that age left at home in 1810.  Sarah Watkins marries James West in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1817. 
Samuel Watkins would have been 63 years of age in 1810.  A Hardin County deed book index shows a deed for the transfer of land from Phillip Phillips to Samuel Watkins (Wadkins) in the year of 1794.  Both Phillips and Watkins were prominent members of the Severns Valley Baptist Church still in existence today.  From the early minutes of Severns Valley the names of Samuel Watkins and Phillip Phillips are mentioned many times.  Samuel Watkins was a messenger for the church. 

See the excerpt below:

 " 26 September 1795
Margin Notation: Number of Members 42
               the Church Met and after Prayer proceeded to business as follows Ordered that Brothers dodge  Watkins  and  Shaw  be apointed Mesengers to attend the association."
Another excerpt can be viewed below:
"21 March 1795

The C….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

as follows.

according to order in course the Difficulties between Brother Vartrees and the Brothern Josiah Dodge Saml Watkins Jon Deramiah and Josiah Kirkpatrick concerning signing a petition for the removal of the County Seat which Seemed to Cause Some aspersions on the court which was spacified in the petition that the court was over Seen by Designing men and did not attend to the generosity of the inhabitants and their Request which to every eye was partial which the Bretheren acknowledge they did not attend to the Difrent Classes in the petition that their object was the removal of the publick Seat otherwise if they had understood what it Sets forth in that case they would not a signd it and doe acknowledge they did wrong in not Examining the petition more particular for they only heard in a hasty manner and hope brothern will look over it"
Samuel and his wife Mary are listed as old members living convenient to Nolin when a list of members was taken on March 25, 1803.  It seems that Severns Valley offered members dismissal to attend a new constitution church for those living in the Nolin area. 

The 1820 Federal Census offers that Samuel Watkins was a resident of Hart County, Kentucky which was formed in 1819 from parts of Hardin County.  The settlement of Samuel Watkins became part of Hart County when it was formed.  He is enumerated there living near James Watkins who is also listed on the 1800 Hardin County tax list.

The 1820 Hart County Kentucky Census enumerating Samuel Watkins transcribed:
Males 10-15 (2) Unknown Males 16-18 (1) Amos (enumerated in this field for military service purposes) Males 16-25 (1) Amos, Males over 45 (1) Samuel, Females 16-25 (1) Unknown Females over 45 (1) Mary

The household members listed of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure in 1810 include 2 males under age 10 and 1 female under age 10.  When enumerated in 1820 the household includes 2 males age 10-15 and one female 16-25.  The identity of the household members remains undiscovered. Those census records would indicate that Samuel and Mary Watkins created two sons born between 1805 and 1810 and one female born between 1800 and 1804 that remain undiscovered.  Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure would have been well into their 40's and 50's at the time those family members were born.  It is not confirmed if those household members noted above were children Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure had created.

Thomas Watkins is enumerated in Washington County, Illinois in 1820 as:
Thomas Watkins: males under 10 (1), males 16-25 (2), males 26-44 (1), females under 10 (2), females 16-25 (1)

Below you will read several interesting accounts of Thomas Watkins in early times of Illinois

"Soon after the settlement of the Esteps - probably the latter part of the same year -- the Watkinses and a man named Teeters came to the precinct. There were Joseph, Samuel, James, John and Thomas Watkins. They were from Kentucky, and some of them settled in Clary's Grove as early as 1819-20. Joseph and Samuel Watkins made claims in this precinct in 1821, as noted above, while James Watkins did not come until 1825-26. Thomas Watkins bought the claim from John Clary, acknowledged the majority of old citizens to be the first white settler of Menard County, as noticed in the history of Clary's Grove. This claim Watkins sold to George Spears, in 1824, and removed to the "river timber," near the present city of Petersburg, where he eventually died. The old Watkins stock are, we believe, all dead, but there are still descendants of the family living in the county. Thomas, Jr., a son of Thomas Watkins, was born in the county in 1824, and may be recorded among the early births. He is still living in this precinct, and is probably the oldest native-born citizen of the county. He served one year in the Mexican war. Mack Watkins, another son, also lives in the precinct."

Another account of Thomas Watkins:

"Among the pioneers of Menard County, none is better known than the name of Watkins. His father, Thomas Watkins, was a settler of the territory of Illinois previous to the war of 1812 and during that war served as a ranger and obtained money to enter land. The subject of this sketch was born where he now resides on November 16, 1824. He has seen the entire growth of the county; he served one year in the Mexican war; he has accumulated a good property and now owns 310 acres adjoining the town of Petersburg. He married Miss Mary Goldsby January 25, 1848. They have raised a family of 9 children."


See Thomas Watkins' image below as he was recognized as a survivor of the Mexican War.
Thomas Watkins researched to be the
grandson of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure:

Some researchers offer that Samuel Watkins of the 1800 Hardin County, Kentucky tax list died in Illinois in 1830.  Available records offer that he was last enumerated in Hart County, Kentucky in 1820 and is likely buried near Watkins Bend of that area.

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