Naomi Watkins Close

Naomi Watkins
 August 17, 1779 Pennsylvania
 Samuel Watkins and Mary Mclure
United on August 17, 1795 to George Washington Close Jr. in Hardin County, Kentucky
January 14, 1849 Wayne County, Illinois
Naomi Watkins birthplace is documented on only one available record.  The 1880 Census record of Susannah Close Blissett (daughter of Naomi Watkins) claims her mother was born in Pennsylvania and that her father was born in Maryland.  Naomi dies before 1850 when the first census records offered given names and birthplaces.  The route the family of Samuel Watkins may have taken from Maryland to Kentucky is speculative, but researchers of the subject believe that Marylanders of the day would travel through Pennsylvania south to the Cumberland Gap near where Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky meet and then come into Kentucky traveling the well known Wilderness Trail which Daniel Boone had pathed out about 1774.  It was thought to be the safest way to travel west to avoid Indian attacks in Ohio. 
If the documented birthplace of Naomi Watkins is accurate then the record offers us a timeline of when Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure began their migration west toward Kentucky.  Records for John Watkins said to be born on born March 6, 1778, the oldest son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure, offer that he was born in Maryland.  The next known child born to Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure would be Naomi said to be born August 17, 1779 in Pennsylvania.  The third known child born to Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure is James Watkins said to be born January 20, 1780 born in Kentucky.  James Watkins was most likely born in 1781 not 1780.  See the post of Samuel Watkins for more details.

"Will Book A, page 9
Known all men by these presents that I George Clous Junior of the County of Hardin and State of Kentucky am held and firmly bound unto George Highbough and Margaret Clous of said County and State afforesaid in the penal sum of one hundred pound current money of Virginia which payment will and truly be made and done. I bind myself and my Heirs Executors Administrators and every of us firmly by these presents. Sealed with my seal and dated this twenty-eight day of October 1794.
The conditions of the above obligations is such that if the above bound George Clous Junior, his Heirs, etc., shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid jointly to the above mentioned George Highbough and Margaret Clous their Heirs etc. the full quantity of three hundred thirty three gallons of good merchantable whiskey one hundred gallons to be paid March 1795 and one hundred March 1796 and the remaining one hundred thirty three to be paid March 1797 then the above obligation to be void or else to stand and remain in full force and virtue of law.

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of George Clous seal
At a court held for Hardin County, Kentucky on Tuesday the 28th of October 1794. The aforegoing bond was acknowledged and ordered to be recorded."

George Highbaugh married Catherine Close on June 6, 1789 Nelson County, Kentucky.  Catherine Close was the sister of George Close Jr.
Margaret Close married Edward Reed (Reid) on April 9, 1795.  Margaret Close was also a sister of George Close Jr.  The document above was signed and approved prior to the marriage of Margaret Close and Edward Reed.  George Close Jr. was the son of George Close Sr. and Elizabeth Reed.  George Close Sr. is said to have been a whiskey maker and operated a tavern in the area.
On October 28, 1794, George, Jr. was given property in exchange for providing care for his parents until their deaths. 
On August 25, 1810 George Close Sr. sold his holdings to George Close Jr. along with a negro woman named Dafney and her child, Esther, for $500.

George Close Sr. is enumerated last in 1810 in Hardin County, Kentucky as follows:
Males 45 and over (1) George Sr. Females 45 and over (1) Elizabeth
They are enumerated as neighbors to George Highbaugh.  Researchers claim George Close Sr. died in 1812.  Elizabeth Reed Close's passing is not confirmed.
Known Children of Naomi (Watkins):
Samuel Close
1796 Hardin County, Kentucky
Mary Close
1800 Hardin County, Kentucky
George Close
February 23,1801 Hardin County, Kentucky
Margaret Close
1805 Hardin County, Kentucky
Susannah Close
1808 Hardin County, Kentucky
Sarah Close
1813 Hardin County, Kentucky
Arthur Close
1815 Hardin County, Kentucky
William Close
1818 Wayne County, Illinois
Eliza Close
 1822 Wayne County, Illinois

The 1810 Hardin County, Kentucky Federal Census Record for George Close Jr. transcribed:
Males under 10 (1) George the 3rd, Males 10-15 (1) Samuel, Males 26-44 George Jr., Females Under 10 (4) Margaret, Susannah and 2 unknown, Females 10-15 (1) Mary, Females 26-44 (1) Naomi

The 1820 Wayne County, Illinois Census Record for George Close Transcribed:

Males under 10 (2) Arthur and William, Males 10-15 (1) George the 3rd, Males 16-25 (1) Samuel, Males 45 and Over (1) George Jr. , Females under 10 (1) Sarah, Females 10-15 (2) Susannah and Margaret, Females 16-25 (1) Mary, Females 45 and over (1) Naomi

The 1830 Wayne County, Illinois Federal Census Record for George Close Transcribed:

Males 5-10 (1) 1 Unknown, Males 10-15 (2) William and Arthur, Males 50-60 (1) George Jr. Males 70-80 (1) 1 Unknown, Females 5-10 (1) Eliza Females 15-20 (1) Sarah, Females 40-50 (1) Naomi

The 1840 Wayne County, Illinois Federal Census Transcribed:

Males 20-30 (1) William, Males 70-80 (1) George Jr., Females 60-70 (1) Naomi

 In 1830 George would have been about 60 years old and Naomi age 51. Some researchers believe George was born in 1765.  The 1830 census record would dispute such, yet the 1840 census record would correspond with the claim.  In 1840 George and Naomi Close are listed as neighbors to son Arthur Close.

The family of George Close Jr. and Naomi Watkins removed to Illinois between 1815 and 1818 living out their remaining years in Wayne County, Illinois.