Watkins Men of Kentucky

"In 1780 Kentucky County, Virginia was divided into three territories, Jefferson, Fayette, and Lincoln. Within just a few years six more counties had been carved out of those three. Between 1784 and 1792 people living in those counties held 10 conventions on the question of statehood. On December 18, 1789 Virginia's General Assembly passed an act allowing Kentucky to apply for statehood. On June 1, 1792 those nine counties became a state, with the full consent of Virginia."

Hardin County, Kentucky was officially established on February 20, 1793. Original Hardin County encompassed 4000 square miles. 12 other counties would eventually be formed from the land of Hardin County.

The 1800 Hardin County, Kentucky Tax List Includes Five Men With The Surname Watkins.

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Please Note:
Though the files created on these Watkins men contain countless hours of research, the accuracy is not guaranteed.  Records were commonly lost due to courthouse fires, informants for documents were often mistaken, and census enumerators generally were not required to have good penmanship making records difficult to transcribe.  Census records were not originally intended to be used for genealogy purposes and are laden with inaccuracies.  The fact is that many people could not read or write or even knew for sure what year they were born so when quizzed by a census taker they might round up or down to the nearest decade.  It is important to keep this in mind as you glance through the data offered.

Things familiar of the Watkins men listed on the 1800 Hardin County tax list:
  • There is no proven discovery of the Thomas Watkins of the 1800 Hardin County tax list.  Samuel Watkins offers a son the given name Thomas born 1789
  • All but John Watkins are known to offer a son the given name of James Watkins
  • Samuel Watkins, James Watkins, and John Watkins were all born in Maryland.  Isaiah Watkins is said to have been born in Virginia, but evidence exists that he married and his first children were born in Maryland 
  • All but James Watkins had children that settled in Illinois
  • Samuel Watkins creates a large family offering his children common names to the families of the other Watkins men listed including Thomas, James, John, and Elizabeth
  • James Watkins, Samuel Watkins, and John Watkins all offer a son the name William Watkins.
  • David Brunk and William Watkins signed together the marriage bond dated January 24, 1804 for William Watkins and Catherine Wyatt.  William Watkins is the son of James Watkins listed.  David Brunk is said to be the Uncle of Elizabeth Brunk daughter in law of Isaiah Watkins also listed.  
  • Christopher Brunk Sr. and family migrated to Kentucky 1794.  In attendance is the Whitman and Swarens families including John Swarens husband of Nancy Ann Brunk daughter of Christopher Brunk Sr.  Christina and Mary Polly Swarens, both daughters of John Swarens and Nancy Ann Brunk, marry James W. Watkins and John Watkins both being sons of Samuel Watkins.  The families of John Watkins and James W. Watkins migrate north/west to Illinois prior to 1820. 
  • The 1810 Federal Census for Grayson County, Kentucky newly formed enumerate only three Watkins households.  Isaiah Watkins, James W. Watkins, and John Watkins the latter two sons of Samuel Watkins.
  • Samuel Watkins Jr. and Isaiah Watkins are baptized on the same date at The Severns Valley Baptist church in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1802.
  • Samuel Watkins Jr. marries Mary Polly Whitman daughter of Thomas Whitman and Christina Brunk.  Christina being the daughter of Christopher Brunk and sister of Nancy Ann Brunk Swarens

My intention is to gather genealogical information and offer what is discovered of these Pioneer Kentucky Watkins men.  This will be ongoing research and new data will be added frequently. 

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