Susannah Watkins Rhoads

Susannah Watkins
October 10, 1788 Maryland
Isaiah Watkins and Rachel Leggett
December 12, 1812 Grayson County, Kentucky united to Josiah Rhoads
August 8, 1872 Jersey County, Illinois
Burial in Medora Cemetery
Susannah Watkins Rhoads is said to be the daughter of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure of the 1800 Hardin County Tax List.  This post will show evidence that her parents were most likely Isaiah Watkins and Rachel Leggett.  The following excerpt from the original minutes of The Severns Valley Baptist Church in Hardin County, Kentucky dated September 22, 1787 proves that Samuel Watkins was a member in the area of Hardin County, Kentucky prior to the birth date of Susannah Watkins.  The excerpt is exactly as transcribed.  Isaiah Watkins later also joined the association.

"22 September 1787

The Church Met and Proceeded to Prayer and then to Buisness as follows agreed that Brother Carman and Brother Watkins wright the asociation Letter also that Isaac Dye and Christopher Miller and Jacob Vanmetre Jun and Joseph KirkP attend the asociation at Coxes Creek"

Evidence Susannah Watkins was not a daughter of Samuel Watkins
#1 Susannah gifts her children names common to the family of Isaiah Watkins including Isaiah, Rachel, Matilda, and James.
#2 Susannah offers on every census record that she was born in Maryland. Samuel and Mary McClure Watkins migrated west to Kentucky before Susannah was born in 1788.  Isaiah and Rachel Watkins migrated to Kentucky after 1792 from Maryland.
#3 The family of Susanna Watkins Rhoads move from Kentucky to Illinois just after 1830 coinciding with the move of Matilda and Rachel Watkins' families, both daughters of Isaiah Watkins.
#4 The family of Samuel Watkins resided in Hart County, Kentucky formed from Hardin and Barren Counties in 1819.  Isaiah Watkins' family resided in Grayson County, Kentucky formed from Hardin and Ohio Counties in 1810.  Susannah Watkins marries Josiah Rhoads on December 12, 1812 in Grayson County, Kentucky where they were enumerated together in 1820 and 1830.

Josiah Rhoads is the son of Jacob Rhoads and Alcinda (Alcie) Vanmeter.  Both were members of the Severns Valley Baptist Church having accepted them by baptism by January 1802.   Alcie Vanmeter Rhoads death occurred about 1828 in Grayson County, Kentucky. 
Below is an account of the removing of Jacob Rhoads from Grayson County, Kentucky to Illinois:

In 1830 or 1831 the exodus was made in true pioneer style. After months of extension preparation the caravan of covered, ox-driven wagons moved out from Grayson Co, Kentucky bearing the entire families and their possessions of the sons of Jacob Rhoads. Months were required for the trip and many hardships were encountered on the journey. Twelve miles per day was an average gain, owing to bad roads and tired oxen. The Ohio River, as well as many other larger streams, had to be crossed.
The following incident is told by a great grandson of Jacob Rhoads, who made the trip from Kentucky to Illinois:

"The entire party was made up of roughly 150 (or 160) people, 50 of who shared the last name of Rhoads (either by blood or marriage). The journey was slow and tedious. It was very hazardous. Indians were plentiful but friendly. They often gathered about the whites in idle curiosity. One young man in the party had always wanted the thrill of killing an Indian, so one day he heedlessly shot into the band, killing one of their women. Immediately, the whites were surrounded by a large group of warriors who demanded the surrender of the guilty culprit. No appeasement tactics would avail, so the thoughtless youth had to atone for his mistake. His agonizing cries were never to be forgotten as he was literally skinned alive".

It is certain that the family of Susanna Watkins Rhoads endured the migration at that time and probable that the families of Rachel Watkins Cain and Matilda Watkins Jolly were also witness to what had to be an unimaginably frightening adventure.

Known Children Of Josiah Rhoads and Susannah Watkins:
Isaiah Rhoads
October 16, 1813 Grayson County, Kentucky
Hardin Rhoads
February 25, 1815 Grayson County, Kentucky
James Watkins Rhoads
March 2, 1816 Grayson County, Kentucky
Rachel Rhoads
 March 16, 1818 Grayson County, Kentucky
Edmund Rhoads
April 23, 1820 Grayson County, Kentucky
May Rhoads
 July 2, 1822 Grayson County, Kentucky
Mary Jane Rhoads
 January 23, 1824 Grayson County, Kentucky
Matilda Rhoads
July 9, 1827 Grayson County, Kentucky
Alcinda Rhoades
1828 Grayson County, Kentucky
John Vanmeter Rhoads
January 17, 1830 Grayson County, Kentucky
Elizabeth Rhoads
March 11, 1831 Grayson County, Kentucky

The 1820 Grayson County Federal Census for Josiah Rhoads transcribed:
Males under 10 (4) Isaiah, Hardin, James Watkins, Edmund Males 26-44 (1) Josiah, Females under 10 (1) Rachel, Females 26-44 (1) Susannah

The 1830 Grayson County Federal Census for Josiah Rhoads transcribed:
Males under 5 (1) John Vanmeter, Males 10-14 (2) James Watkins and Edmund, Males 15-19 (2) Isaiah and Hardin, Males 40-49 (1) Josiah, Females Under 5 (1) Matilda, Females 5-9 (2) Mary Jane and May, Females 10-14 (1) Rachel, Females 40-49 (1) Susannah

The 1840 Jersey County, Illinois Federal Census for Josiah Rhoads transcribed:
Males 5-9 (1) John Vanmeter, Males 10-14 (1) Edmund, Males 20-29 (1) Hardin, Males 40-49 (1) Josiah, Females 5-9 (1) Elizabeth, Females 10-14 (1) Matilda, Females 15-19 (1) May or Mary Jane, Females 50-59 (1) Susannah
 Isaiah Rhoads death occurs May 30, 1837 Jersey County, Illinois

Josiah Rhoads was born on November 27, 1790 in Hardin County, Kentucky.  He did not make 50 years old until November of the year 1840.  Susannah Watkins Rhoads was 51 years old at that time.  In 1830 Josiah and Susannah are enumerated as neighbors to son James Watkins Rhoads and his young family. 

Josiah Rhoads dies on June 8, 1859 in Illinois.

Susannah Watkins Rhoads was last enumerated in 1870 Jersey County, Illinois.  An image can be viewed below:

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