Isaiah Watkins Jr.

 Isaiah Watkins Jr.

About 1803 in Hardin County, Kentucky (now Grayson County, Kentucky)
United to Catherine Thomas about 1824 Grayson County, Kentucky
1846 Grayson County, Kentucky

The 1820 Grayson County Federal Census record shows Rachel as head of household with Isaiah her son still living at home.

The 1830 Grayson County Federal Census Record for Isaiah Watkins Jr. transcribed:
Males under 5 (1) Miles Hardin, Males 5-10 (1) Lewis,  Males 20-30 (1) Isaiah,  Females under 5 (1) Nancy, Females 20-30 (1) Catherine, Females 40-50 (1) 1 Unknown. 

This older female could have possibly been the mother of Catherine. The only Watkins households enumerated in the 1830 Federal Census in Grayson County were Isaiah, his older brother James L. and their mother Rachel Watkins who is listed as 60-69 years old and living alone.  Isaiah's father is said to have died in 1816. 

The 1840 Grayson County Federal Census Record for Isaiah Watkins Jr. transcribed:
Males under 5 (2) Enos and 1 Unknown , Males 5-10 (1) Shelton, Males 10-15 (1) Miles Hardin, Males 15-20 (1)  Lewis, Males 30-40 (1) Isaiah, Females 5-10 (1) Rachel, Females 15-20 (1) Nancy Females 40-50 (1) Catherine. 

There are several inconsistencies with this 1840 Census.  One being that the record should show two females ages 5-10 years old, one Mary J. and one Rachel.  This record shows only one of that age was in Isaiah's household at that time.  Secondly, Nancy would have actually been about 11 years old in 1840.  Lastly, the 1840 Federal Census record states one female in the household age 40-50 years and  Catherine would have been about 34 years old in 1840.

Images of Isaiah Watkins and his brother James L. Watkins 1830 and 1840 Census records can be viewed below.



Known Children of Isaiah Watkins and Catherine Thomas:

Lewis Watkins Born October 1824
Miles Hardin Watkins Born February 20, 1826
Nancy Watkins Born about 1829
Shelton Watkins Born about 1831
Mary Jane Watkins Born about 1833
Rachel Watkins Born about 1834
Enos Watkins Born about 1837
Susannah Watkins Born about 1841
James O. Watkins Born about 1842
Isaiah W. Watkins Born about 1845

The 1850 Grayson County Federal Census record for Catherine Watkins:

Catherine age 44 Born in Kentucky
Shelton age 19 Born in Kentucky
Mary J.  age 17 Born in Kentucky
Rachael age 16 Born in Kentucky
Enos age 13 Born in Kentucky
Susannah age 9 Born in Kentucky
James O. age 8 Born in Kentucky
Isaiah W. age 5 Born in Kentucky
Nancy age 21 Born in Kentucky
John M. age 4 Born in Kentucky
Sarah C. age 0 Born in Kentucky

Researchers claim Catherine Watkins was born a Thomas. After researching the Thomas families of early 1800's in Kentucky there are several possibilities of her parentage.  Catherine offers that she was born in Kentucky and that she is 44 years of age in 1850.  In 1810 there were several men of the surname Thomas in Kentucky near Hardin and Grayson Counties including Isaac, Hardin, John, Thomas, and Joseph.  The most likely father of Catherine would be Joseph Thomas.
Joseph Thomas of Pennsylvania was born about 1780 to Nathan Thomas.  He was united first with Kelsea Enlow in Hardin County, Kentucky on March 24, 1805.  Together there were several children created from the union.  Though researchers of this line do not connect Catherine to this family, the census records exists of 1810 and 1820 that show a female of Catherine's age was in the household of Joseph Thomas who remains unresearched. The known children of Joseph Thomas are given names that later Catherine gift her own children with including Nancy, Enos, and Mary Jane.

Any proof of the ascendancy of Catherine Thomas Watkins born about 1806 in Kentucky would be appreciated.