James Watkins

James W. Watkins
January 20, 1782 Kentucky
Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure
August 8, 1804 united first to Christina Swarens Hardin County, Kentucky
United second to Sarah Chessar on December 14, 1845 in Illinois
January 26, 1863 Wayne County, Illinois
Known Children of James Watkins
Nancy Watkins Born 1805 Kentucky
Giliad Watkins Born 1807 Kentucky
Elias Watkins Born 1808 Kentucky
Lewis Watkins Born 1810 Kentucky
Samuel Watkins Born 1812
Willis Watkins Born 1813
Susanna Watkins Born 1815
Anna Watkins Born 1818
Hankerson (spelled Hankison on grave marker) Born 1821
James S.Watkins Born 1824 Indiana
Joseph Watkins 1828 Indiana
Amos Watkins Born 1830 Illinois

The children listed above are taken from what is believed to be a ledger of James Watkins son of James Watkins and Christina Swarens 
The 1810 Grayson County Federal Census enumerating James Watkins transcribed:
Males under 10 (2) Elias and Lewis Males 26-44 (1) James Females under 10 (1) Nancy Females 16-25 (1) Christina

Note: There should be two females (Nancy and Giliad) under the age of 10 in 1810. 
The 1820 Harrison County, Indiana Federal Census record enumerating James William Watkins transcribed:
Males under 10 (1) Samuel Males 10-15 (1) Lewis Males 16-18 (1) Elias Males 16-25 (1) Unknown Males 26-44 (1) James Females under 10 (2) Anna and Susanna Females 16-25 (1) Elizabeth or Nancy Females 26-44 (1) Christina
Slaves Males under age 14 (8)

In 1820 Giliad Watkins would have been about 13 years old and is not listed in the household.  It is likely Giliad did not live long enough to have ever been censused.
The 1830 Harrison County, Indiana Federal Census enumerating James Watkins transcribed:
Males under 5 (1) Joseph Males 5-9 (1) James S. Males 15-19 (1) Samuel or Willis Males 50-59 (1) James Watkins Females under 15-19 (1) Susanna Females 20-29 (1) Nancy Females 50-59 (1) Christina
Anna Watkins would have been 12 years old in 1830 though not enumerated in the household with James Watkins in that year.   Elias and Lewis are both enumerated in Wayne County, Illinois in 1830 as heads of their own households. The census record of Lewis Watkins in 1830 enumerates him with two females age 20-29, a female 5-9 years of age along with 2 females under age 5.  Lewis was only 20 years old at that time. 
Christina Swarens was born on September 7, 1782 born from the union between John Swarens and NancyAnn Brunk.  Christina is the sister of Mary Polly Swarens wife of John Watkins also a son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure.  It is also noteworthy to mention that Nancy Ann Brunk was the sister of Christopher Brunk father of Elizabeth Brunk Watkins daughter in law of Isaiah Watkins of the 1800 Hardin County, Kentucky tax list.  Christina Swarens Watkins death occurred on October 25, 1845.  James William Watkins marries second uniting to Sarah Chessar in Illinois on December 14, 1845.  
The 1850 Menard County, Illinois Census record enumerating James Watkins transcribed:
James Watkins age 68
Sarah Watkins age 54
Amos Watkins age 20
Mary Watkins age 19
William Watkins age 0

James Watkins is censused last in Newton County, Missouri being 78 years old at that time.  His death occurred on January 26, 1863 most offering that he died in Wayne County, Illinois.  Research finds 390 miles separate the counties of Wayne in Illinois and Newton in Missouri.