John Watkins

John Watkins
1786 Kentucky
James Watkins and Nancy Kennedy
September 23, 1806 Barren County, Kentucky
united first to Elizabeth Bell
about 1827 united second to Julia Ann
January 9, 1838 
Hart County, Kentucky

 In 1810 James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy are enumerated in Hardin County, Kentucky with two males in the household ages 16-25.  The two males are believed to be sons, John and William Watkins.

The information below will show evidence that John Watkins, son of James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy, had created his own family before 1810 with Elizabeth Bell having married in nearby Barren County, though does not give light to the history of the second male age 16-25 enumerated in the household of James and Nancy Watkins in 1810.  

Available records will prove an undiscovered son of James and Nancy Watkins or possibly that John Watkins, husband of Elizabeth Bell, was not the son of James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy.   Your thoughts are appreciated! 

A John Watkins is enumerated in Barren County, Kentucky in 1810 age 26-44 with males under 10 James and 1 Unknown, (2) females under 10  (2) Eleanor and Margaret, females 26-44 (1) Elizabeth, females over age 45 (1) Unknown

See marriage record below:

Spouse 1:Bell, Elizabeth
Spouse 2:Watkins, John
Marriage Date:23 Sep 1806
Marriage Location:Barren County, Kentucky

Hart County, Kentucky was formed in 1819 from parts of Hardin and Barren Counties.  It is noteworthy that a Mary Watkins is also enumerated in 1810 in Barren County, Kentucky.   There are only two Watkins households listed there at that time.

This Mary Watkins and John Watkins appear in Hart County, Kentucky in 1820, their land becoming a part of the county when formed.  No census records are available for Mary Watkins after 1820.  Her relationship to John Watkins, husband of Elizabeth Bell, remains undetermined. 

The known children of John Watkins and Elizabeth Bell

James Watkins Born 1808 Kentucky
Eleanor Watkins Born before 1809 Kentucky
Margaret Watkins Born 1810 Kentucky
Mary Polly Watkins Born 1815-1820
America Watkins Born 1823 Kentucky

The 1820 Hart County Federal Census records for John Watkins transcribed:
Males 10-15 (1) James B., Males 26-44 (1) John Watkins, Females under 10 (2) Mary Polly and Margaret, Females 10-15 (1) Eleanor Females 16-25 (1) Unknown 26-44 (1) Elizabeth

By the time of the enumeration of the 1820 Hart County Census records only one John Watkins is listed in the county.  John Watkins would have been 34 -36 years of age at that time.

John Watkins unites with Julia Ann about 1827. It has not been discovered what happens to Elizabeth Bell Watkins.

Known Children of
John Watkins and Julia Ann 

Elizabeth Watkins Born 1828
Valentine Watkins Born 1833
Nancy A. Watkins Born 1835
Samuel Watkins Born 1836
Silas Watkins Born 1838

The 1830 Hart County, Kentucky Federal Census transcribed:
Household members names highlighted in green  depict children of John Watkins and Elizabeth Bell.

Males age 15-19 (1) Unknown Males 40-49 (1) John, Females under age 5 (1) Elizabeth, Females 5-9 (1) America Females 10-14 (1) Mary Polly Females 15-19 (1) Margaret Females 20-29 (1) Julia Ann 

  Julia Ann would have been about 23 years of age in 1830.  Her parents have yet to be discovered. 

Researchers offer that John Watkins died on January 9, 1838 Hart County, Kentucky

The 1840 Federal Census record for Julia Ann Watkins transcribed:

Household members names highlighted green  depict children of John Watkins and Elizabeth Bell.

Males under 5 (1) Samuel or Silas, Males 5-9 (1)Valentine, Males 20-29 (1) Unknown, Females under 5 (1) Nancy A. , Females 10-14 (1) Elizabeth, Females 15-19 (1) Mary Polly Females 30-39 (1) Julia Ann 

Researchers offer that John Watkins and Julia Ann create two sons, Samuel Watkins born 1836 and Silas Watkins born 1838, though the 1840 Federal Census records enumerating the family show only one son under the age of 5.  Silas Watkins appears in the 1850 Federal Census record (see below) as 10 years of age.  This record would give evidence that Silas Watkins had not been born before the census was taken in 1840 and that John Watkins, husband of Julia Ann, did not die until sometime during 1839.

The 1840 Hart County, Kentucky Federal Census for James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy offers the households of Julia Ann (J.A.), James B. (J.B.), and Hezekiah Watkins enumerated as neighbors.  Researchers claim James B. to be the youngest son of James Watkins and Nancy Kennedy. The only male household member of James B. Watkins' age enumerated with James and Nancy Ann Watkins in 1810 and 1820 would be Hezekiah Watkins born about 1803.  James B. Watkins born 1808 is likely the son of John Watkins and Elizabeth Bell. 
Available records also prove the family of Elizabeth Bell, had ties to Julia Ann.

The 1850 Hart County Federal Census enumerating Julia Ann Watkins below:

From the census records of Julia Ann Watkins we know she was born about 1807 in Kentucky.  She is enumerated with Nancy A. Watkins in her household being last censused in 1880.  Julia Ann  Watkins offers that her parents were both born in Virginia. Nancy A. Watkins is named as a member of the household of Julia Ann from 1850-1880.  In 1860 and 1870 a William T. Watkins born 1853 in Kentucky is also named in the household. 
William T. Watkins born in Hart County, Kentucky birth record transcribed below:

Date of Birth: December 8, 1852
Birth Name: William T. Wadkins
Sex: Male
Condition: Alive
Place of Birth: Hart County, Kentucky
Name of Father or Owner of Child:
Josiah Beams
Maiden Name of Mother: Nancy A. Watkins
Color of Child: White
Resident of Parent: J. Beams State of Illinois
Remarks: Mother Unmarried

 Josiah Beams married Nancy J. Bell on June 14, 1845 Menard County, Illinois.  Nancy J. Bell is known to be the younger sister of Elizabeth Bell wife of John Watkins.  Josiah Beams was born in Greensburg, Green County, Kentucky on November 3, 1826.  It seems he was married to Nancy J. Bell at the time William T. Watkins was conceived.  Josiah Beams married three times before his death on April 22, 1915 Menard County, Illinois.

A Kentucky Land Grant was issued to a John Watkins first on July 21, 1820 including 15 acres and again on March 29, 1826 including 52 acres both parcels of land near The Green River in Kentucky.  

An Elizabeth J. Watkins single 24 years of age, daughter of John Watkins and Julia Ann Watkins, died on November 5, 1852.

The available records offer evidence that Julia Ann censused from 1850-1880 as head of her own household in Hart County, Kentucky was married to John Watkins and that he had died before 1840.  She lived in close proximity to the family of Hezekiah Watkins, proven son of James and Nancy Ann Watkins. 

Your thoughts on John Watkins are appreciated!