Hezekiah Watkins

Hezekiah Watkins
June 22, 1803
Hart County, Kentucky
(then Hardin County)
united December 18, 1823 to
Elizabeth Gardner
Hart County, Kentucky
September 25, 1847
Watkins/ Wyatt Cemetery
Watkins Bend, Hart County, Kentucky
Known Children of Hezekiah Watkins
William Wiltshire Watkins Born 1827
Elizabeth Ann Watkins Born 1828
Sarah Watkins Born 1833
Mary Frances Watkins Born 1837
Martha Ellen Watkins Born 1840
Robert E. Watkins Born 1843
John C. Watkins Born 1846
The 1830 Hart County Federal Census record enumerating Hezekiah Watkins transcribed below:
Males under 5 (1) William Males 20-29 (1) Hezekiah Watkins Females under 5 (1) Elizabeth Ann Females 20-29 (1) Elizabeth
The 1840 Hart County Federal Census record enumerating Hezekiah Watkins can be viewed below:
Males 10-14 (1) William Males 30-39 (1) Hezekiah Watkins Females Under 5 (1) Mary Frances Females 5-9 (1) Sarah Females 10-14 (1) Elizabeth Ann Females 40-49 (1) Elizabeth
Elizabeth Gardner Watkins was enumerated as 40-49 years of age in 1840.  This is likely a mistake made by the census taker.  Census takers of that time typically had little education, were required to travel from house to house on horseback, and were at the mercy of the informant to offer the correct vital statistics of each household member.   

Hezekiah Watkins did not live long enough to be censused in 1850.  He died on September 25, 1847.  He was just 44 years old.

The 1850 Hart County Federal Census record enumerating Elizabeth Watkins can be viewed below:

 Elizabeth Gardner Watkins born May 16, 1808 Pittsylvania County, Virginia was the daughter of Edmund Gardner and Martha Shelton.  Elizabeth Watkins did not remarry after the death of husband Hezekiah Watkins.  She is enumerated as 71 years of age and living alone when last censused in 1880. 

The obituary for
Elizabeth Gardner Watkins 
copied below:

"Newspaper Clipping: Rio, Kentucky, May 21, 1894

Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins died Saturday at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Henry Jones, in Green County. Her death was caused by heart failure and was sudden and unexpected. She was 86 last Wednesday, but had scarcely felt the infirmities of years in mind and but little so in body. She was the widow of Hezekiah Watkins, to whom she was married when but 16, and who died before reaching middle age. In the home to which he took her as a bride, three score and ten years ago, she had lived ever since. It was the home of her husband's father, who bought the property when he came from Maryland in 1787. Mrs. Watkins was the daughter of Edmund Gardner, who died a few years ago at the great age of ninety-seven. She had been all her life a member of the Baptist Church and belonged to the Knoxes Creek Congregation. Her funeral took place today."

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