William Watkins

William Watkins
February 1, 1784 Kentucky/Virginia
James Watkins and Nancy Ann Kennedy
Marriage Bond Dated:
January 24, 1804 united to Catherine Ann Wyatt Hardin County, Kentucky
February 22, 1832 Hardin (now Larue)  County, Kentucky
See Marriage Bond Below: 
The Known Children of William Watkins

Lethia Watkins Born 1805
Lucy Watkins Born 1808
Amy Watkins Born 1815
Nancy Watkins Born 1815
Cynthia Watkins Born 1820
Micajah "Cad" Watkins Born 1821
Felix Grundy Watkins Born 1824
James Watkins Born 1826
Catherine "Kitty" Watkins Born 1831

The available records for William Watkins do not confirm his birth place or birth date.  His parents are said to have united at Harrodsburg, Kentucky in 1785.  James Watkins was a Revolutionary War Soldier having spent time at Harrodsburg while serving.  Nancy Ann Kennedy is said to be the daughter of James Kennedy who had came to the area with James Harrod who founded the settlement on June 16, 1774. 
William Watkins dies before census records began to offer the household members age or birth place.  It is likely he was born in 1785 or early in 1786, but this is not proven.  Catherine Watkins is enumerated in the 1850 and 1860 census records as being born in Tennessee, though in 1880 when census records began to offer parents
birthplaces the children of William and Catherine Watkins offer that their parents were born in Kentucky or born in Virginia other than the death certificate of Samuel Alexander offers that his father was born in Maryland and that his mother was born in Tennessee.  The state of Kentucky was formed on June 1, 1792 from land of the state of Virginia.  William Watkins was born before the formation of the state.  This may offer an explanation as to why the children of William Watkins varied when they offered the information of their fathers birth place.

The 1810 Hardin County Federal Census enumerating the family of William M. Watkins:

1810 Census Transcribed:
Males under 10 (1) Samuel Alexander, Males 26-44 (1) William , Females Under 10 (2) Lethia and Lucy , Females 16-25 (1), Catherine
Catherine Ann Wyatt was the daughter of James Wyatt and Lucy Martin united in marriage Halifax, Virginia on November 19, 1785.  Catherine was born on September 11, 1787.  James and Lucy Wyatt are censused as neighbors to William and Catherine in 1810.  Aquilla Jones also shown here was the husband to Elizabeth Wyatt sister of Catherine Wyatt Watkins
Larue County, Kentucky was formed on March 4, 1843 from land taken of Hardin County, Kentucky.  William Watkins is said to have died on February 22, 1832 before the counties creation. 
Catherine Wyatt Watkins death occurred April 26, 1863 Larue County, Kentucky.

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