David Pryor

David Pryor
March 16, 1809
Bullitt County, Kentucky
About 1833 united to Sarah Sutton
September 23, 1855
Meade County, Kentucky

Children of David Pryor and Sarah Sutton:
William David Born 1833 Kentucky
1 Unknown Male Born 1835-1839 Kentucky
Jane Pryor Born 1835 Kentucky
Susannah Pryor Born 1841 Kentucky
Mary Margaret Pryor Born 1843
Rebecca Pryor Born 1847
Elizabeth Pryor Born 1849
The 1840 Grayson County, Kentucky  Federal Census record enumerating David Pryor transcribed below:
Males under 5 (1) Unknown, Males 5-9 (1) William David, Males 30-39 (1) David Pryor, Females under 5 (1) Jane Females 20-29 (1) Sarah
A male child is enumerated in 1840 born between 1835 and 1839 that does not appear in the household in 1850.  If he passed away remains undiscovered.
The 1850 Meade County, Kentucky Federal Census record enumerating David Pryor can be viewed below:
The family of David Pryor, enumerated in Meade County, Kentucky in 1850, is listed as living in Grayson County, Kentucky in 1840 then back in Grayson County, Kentucky in 1860 after the death of David Pryor. 
Sarah Sutton, wife of David Pryor, was born in North Carolina about 1812 according to census records.  She was born to Campbell Sutton and Fanny Carden.  The family having moved from Orange County, North Carolina to Virginia between 1820 and 1822 then to Grayson County, Kentucky between 1828 and 1830. 
The 1830 Grayson County, Kentucky Federal Census enumerating Campbell Sutton transcribed below:
Males 10-14 (1) Males 15-19 (1) Males 50-59 (1) Campbell Sutton, Females 15-19 (1) Sarah (wife of David Pryor), Females 20-29 (1)  Females 50-59 (1) Fanny  (wife of Cambell Sutton)
Martha Patsy Sutton born August 1801, also a daughter of Campbell Sutton, marries Robert Patton Gragson on October 12, 1819 Orange County, North Carolina.  They also remove to Kentucky before 1830.  The families of David Pryor, his wife Sarah Sutton Pryor, and her sister Martha Sutton Gragson intertwine creating confusion, but not so uncommon for the day. 
The children of Martha Sutton Gragson can be viewed below:
Fanny Gragson Born 1820 North Carolina
Nancy Jane Gragson Born 1822 Virginia
William Campbell Gragson Born 1824 Virginia
Robert Patton Gragson Born 1826 Virginia
Sarah Gragson Born 1828 Virginia
Margaret Gragson Born 1830 Kentucky
Thomas Gragson Born 1831 Kentucky
John Baker Gragson Born 1832 Kentucky
Martha Gragson Born 1833 Kentucky
Eliza A. Gragson Born 1836 Kentucky
Willis G. Gragson Born 1839 Kentucky
James H. Gragson Born 1840 Kentucky

The oldest daughter of Robert Gragson and Martha Patsy Sutton ( see Fanny from above list) united to Joel Watkins in 1841 Grayson County, Kentucky.  Joel Watkins is the grandson of Isaiah Watkins of the 1800 Hardin County tax list.  Mary Margaret Margaret Pryor, daughter of David Pryor and Sarah Sutton, married David E. Watkins about 1874 in Grayson County, Kentucky.  Mary Margaret Pryor was a cousin of Fanny Gragson Watkins. David E. Watkins was a brother of Joel Watkins.  It is also noteworthy to mention that Joel Watkins and Fanny create daughter Emily Jane who later unites to Hezekiah Horn, widower of the daughters of Martha Patsy (Sutton) Gragson.  Hezekiah Horn united first to Sarah Gragson (died 1861) and united second to Martha Gragson (died 1873) both were aunts to Emily Jane Watkins.  The marriage between Hezekiah Horn and Emily Jane Watkins took place in Grayson County, Kentucky on December 3, 1874.  Hezekiah Horn, a local area physician, is researched to have created 20 children from the three marriages before his death occurred on February 15, 1896. 

David Pryor died of Liver Consumption on September 23, 1855.  His death record offers he was the son of Simon and Susan Pryor, farming was his occupation, and that he was born in Bullitt County, Kentucky.  At the time of his death, David Pryor was just 46 years old.

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