Martha Patsy Watkins

Martha Patsy Watkins
Grayson County, Kentucky
Andrew Jackson Williams
 united 1843
Grayson County Kentucky
After 1880

Martha Patsy Watkins was the oldest daughter of James L. Watkins and Elizabeth Brunk.  She married in 1843 to Andrew Jackson Williams.  Andrew was the widower of Mary Brown who died leaving him with several young children.  

Transcription of the 1840 Grayson County Federal Census record below:

Males under 5 (1) Daniel L. Males 20-29 (1) Andrew Jackson Williams Females under 5 (1) Mary Females 5-9 (2)  Jemima and Elizabeth
Mary Brown Williams died after March 16, 1840 when youngest son Daniel Williams was born.  Mary Williams was not listed as a member of the household when enumerated in 1840.  The Grayson County census record was completed and signed on October 31, 1840.

The family of James L. Watkins is listed on the same page of the 1840 Grayson County Federal Census record as Andrew Jackson Williams and in 1850 is listed as living in close proximity to Jemima Brown.  Jemima Brown is researched to be the mother of Mary Brown first wife of Andrew Williams.  

The known children of Martha Patsy Watkins
Samantha Williams
Born: 1844 -1866
Theodocia Williams
Born: January 28,1848
Thomas Williams
Born: 1849
General Scott Williams
Born: November 4, 1852
Eliza A. Williams 
Born: 1852-1854
Melvina Williams
Born: April 12, 1855
Anderson G. Williams
Born: August 4, 1857
Martha J. Williams
Born: November / December 1859
John Thomas Williams
Born: August 31, 1862
Zepharena Williams
Born: January 11, 1867
Miles Williams
Born: February 1868

The children of Mary Brown and Andrew Jackson Williams

Elizabeth Williams
Born: April 1836

Mary Ellen Williams
Born: February 1936

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