Jacob Hamilton Bottorff

Believed to be owned by Jacob Hamilton and Susan [Beggs] Bottorff  dated 1875

Jacob Hamilton Bottorff
September 25, 1822
son of 
Jacob Bottorff and Rhoda Allen
(1) Mary Jane McGee
united on
February 8, 1849
(2) Susannah Beggs
united on
March 1, 1875
September 18, 1886

Lillard E. Bottorff (Bible Record)
September 30, 1849
Robert F. Bottorff (Bible Record)
December 13, 1851
Addie Bottorff (Bible record)
Eliza A. Bottorff (Bible Record)
July 4, 1862
Charles C. Bottorff  (Bible Record)
September 13, 1877
Rhoda M. Bottorff (Bible Record)
February 27, 1881 
James Allen Bottorff (Bible Record)
May 6, 1883

This record was copied from the Holy Bible pictured above

The 1830 Jeffersonville, Indiana census record enumerates Jacob Bottorff with 2 males under age 5, 2 males 5-10 years, 1 male age 10-15, and 3 males 15-20.  Jacob Bottorff himself age 40-50.  The female household members included 2 females age 5-10, 4 females age 10-15, with their mother age 30-40 years in 1830.  
Jacob Hamilton Bottorff would have been about 8 years old in 1830.   
The 1850 Owen Township Clark County, Indiana Census record enumerates Jacob Hamilton Bottorff married to Mary. , their son Lillard is age one.  The young family censused in the household with Jacob Hamilton's parents.

The 1860 Census record can be viewed below:

Mary Jane [McGee] Bottorff delivered a son Robert Bottorff born on December 13, 1851.   Robert Bottorff passed away October 4, 1852.  The 1860 Federal Census finds Jacob Hamilton aged 34 years his family still a part of the household of his parents.

The Holy Bible pictured above is dated 1875.  Though it's binding and pages are tattered and decaying the owner no doubt cherished the Bible as inside it's precious and dated pages are keepsakes rarely discovered including a lock of blonde hair wrapped in tissue paper, a map dated 1886 marked Denver and Rio Grande Railways, and to this writer, a remarkable gift second only to the gift of the scriptures written by the inspiration of our Heavenly Father himself, is the fact that the original owner saved newspaper clippings that tell such fantastic genealogies and histories that without them are stories forever untold.  

Susannah Beggs united to the then widow Hamilton Jacob Bottorff on March 2, 1875.  This Holy Bible may have been a wedding present.  If the heirloom was in fact a gift to the newly wedded couple, Mrs. Susan [Beggs] Bottorf must have been a fantastic women as the page left blank for the owner to fill in marriage information is hand written in beautiful script giving honor to her new husband's first marriage.

See The Image Below:

Mary Jane [McGee] Bottorff died December 1, 1862 with burial at Shiloh Cemetery in Clark County, Indiana
Jacob Hamilton Bottorf passed away on September 18, 1886 also buried at Shiloh Cemetery.  
The children he created with Susan Beggs were three.  Charles C. (1877), Rhoda M. (1881), and James Allen (1883).  

See the original obituary transcribed of 
Jacob Hamilton Bottorf:

A photo copy of the original as published in 1886 is available.  If interested please email to service@1forevermore.com

Solon, Indiana.,September 22 ___ Died at his residence, two miles northwest of this place, Hamilton Bottorft, in his sixty fourth year, on Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock.  Funeral services were held at the family residence on Sunday, conducted by Elder Stanly from Charlestown, after which the remains were taken to Shiloh for interment, followed by a very large concourse of people.  In taking away of Mr. Bottorft by the Allwise and the All Giver of God,  the community has lost a very valuable citizen, a prosperous business man and a kind gentleman.  The community at large heartily joines with**** extending to the family our heartfelt sympathy in this their sad hour of bereavement.  Hamilton Bottorft was sixty five years old and the last of three brothers who died in the last eighteen months.  Mrs. Jos Shrader, a sister, is the only surviving member of the old family.  Deceased leaves a wife and six children.
This obituary has been transcribed exactly as written in 1886

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