Rachel Pryor Ober

Rachel Pryor
July 8, 1791
Bullitt County, Kentucky
September 24, 1806 
united to George Ober
Bullitt County, Kentucky
October 21, 1837

Rachel Pryor was the fourth child born to Simon Pryor and Susannah Morgan.  Simon Pryor was born 1760 in Essex County, New Jersey where he enlisted and served five years during the American Revolutionary War.  The records attached to this post are in part from the documents he and then his widow after his death supplied the Federal Government during the process of proving he had served.

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"The Sons and Daughters of 
Simon and Susannah Pryor"

It is rare to find such reliable documents as those left by Simon and Susannah Pryor.  The documents were submitted by Simon Pryor on the 27th day of August in 1832 when he first applied for the pension offered to soldiers who had served during the American Revolution.  Simon Pryor was then 72 years of age.  Simon and Susannah Pryor had removed from Bullitt County, Kentucky settling a few counties away in Grayson County, Kentucky between 1810 and 1820.  

Rachel Pryor united to George Ober in Bullitt County, Kentucky on September 24, 1806.  Rachel  Pryor had barely made 15 years of age at that time.  
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Possible Children of Rachel Pryor:
Joseph Ober:
Born 1810
Jacob Ober:
Born 1810-1819
Unknown Male:
Born 1810-1819
Unknown Female:
Born 1810-1819
Unknown Female: 
Born 1810-1819
George Ober:
Born 1820

Researching George Ober has produced little discovery.  The 1800 Kentucky Tax list offers no Ober men in the state nor any reasonable variation of the name.  The name itself may have come originally from German families and may have been associated with men who lived near river banks or slopes.  According to the website www.houseofnames.com "the name Ober is derived from the Old German name Alberic".

The family of George Ober is enumerated in Bullitt County, Kentucky during the census years of 1810, 1820, and 1830.  It seems that George Ober and Rachel Pryor remained in Bullitt County and created several children there.

The 1810 Bullitt County, Kentucky Federal Census transcribed below:
Males under 10 (1) Unknown Males 26-44 (1)
George Ober Females 16-25 (1) Rachel 
 According to this record George Ober was born between 1766 and 1784

The 1820 Bullitt County, Kentucky Federal Census record enumerating George Ober transcribed below:
Males Under 10 (3) 3 Unknown Males over 45 (1) George Ober Females under 10 (2) 2 Unknown Females 26-44 (1) Rachel
According to this record George Ober was born before 1775 

The 1830 Bullitt County, Kentucky Federal Census record enumerating George Ober transcribed below:
Males 10-14 (1) Unknown Males 15-19 (1) Unknown Males 60-69 (1) George Ober Females 10-14 (1) Unknown Females 40-49 (1) Rachel
According to this record George Ober was born between 1761-1770.  It is also noteworthy to mention that in 1830 the family of George Ober was enumerated as neighbors to the widow of Adam Shepherd of whom the city of Shepherdsville, Kentucky acquired it's name.

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Rachel Pryor died on October 21, 1837.  She was just 46 years of age.     

See Copy Below:

The records that are available prove that Rachel Pryor was born in Bullitt County, married in Bullitt County and is likely buried there.  In 1830 the family resided in the area known then as Mt. Washington in Bullitt County, Kentucky.  

The 1840 Vanderburgh County, Indiana Perry and Union Township Federal Census records enumerating George Ober transcribed below:

Males 20-29 (1) Unknown Males 80-89 (1) George Ober Females under 5 (1) Unknown Females 20-29 (1) Unknown

It is likely to be a child of George and Rachel Ober and their young family that was enumerated in the home with George Ober in 1840.  A purpose for their migration to the Evansville, Indiana area has not been proven, but is noteworthy to mention that Joseph Ober (see below) is enumerated in 1850 as a Ferryman in Vanderburgh County.  Wikipedia states "Evansville's economy received a boost in the early 1830s when Indiana unveiled plans to build the longest canal in the world, a 400-mile ditch connecting the Great Lakes at Toledo, Ohio with the inland rivers at Evansville."

Possible discovery of the descendants of George Ober after the death of wife Rachel Pryor:

A Joseph Ober born about 1810 is enumerated in 1840 and 1850 in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

See the 1850 Federal Census enumerating
 Joseph Ober below:

Joseph Ober, his wife Malinda, and their two oldest children are listed as born in Kentucky.  According to this record Elizabeth was born about 1836.  Rachel Pryor Ober died in 1837 and the family is living in Vanderburgh County Indiana before 1840.  It seems their move to Indiana took place between 1837 and 1840.  The 1850 Vanderburgh County Federal Census offers Joseph Ober as born in Kentucky about 1810 and is a Ferryman by trade.

A George Ober dies of Lung Fever in May of 1850 in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  George Ober is listed as born in Kentucky and 30 years old at the time of his death making his birth year about 1820.  It seems possible that this George Ober was the youngest son of George and Rachel Ober.

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