Samuel Watkins Junior Born 1788

Samuel Watkins
October 4, 1788 
Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure
 united to
Ellen Strawn 
about 1817
July 17, 1859
Warren County, Indiana

January 2017 Update:
Of the “Watkins” men who originally settled in Hardin County, Kentucky and are listed on the 1800 Kentucky Tax List for Hardin County among them only 3 are enumerated in the area when the census was taken in 1810.  

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 James, Samuel, and Isaiah Watkins are each enumerated in the area of Hardin County, Kentucky in 1810.  Whether the John Watkins listed on the 1800 tax list is the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary Mc Clure or possibly the brother of Isaiah Watkins has never been proven.   In 1790 Isaiah Watkins is enumerated as neighbors to a John Watkins in Harford County, Maryland.  Thomas Watkins has been difficult to research and his post or page of research is lacking much detail.   There is no Thomas Watkins listed in 1810 in the area and the John Watkins listed in Grayson County, Kentucky is the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure. 
The Samuel Watkins that united to Mary Polly Whitman in Hardin County in 1811 and who migrated west to Callaway County, Kentucky may not have been the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure.

  A remarkable family history has been passed down through time that the father of Enoch Strawn Watkins born in 1818 in Pickoway County, Ohio was a Samuel Watkins born in Hardin County, Elizabethtown, Kentucky.   The family history offers that this Samuel Watkins was the son of a Samuel Watkins who had created a large family of 9 boys and 3 girls. Looking at the Hardin County, Kentucky Watkins men of 1800 that are censused in 1810 only two had sons of the correct age living at home.  Samuel Watkins and wife Mary had one son 16-25  and James Watkins and wife Nancy had two males of that age in their household.   In 1810 Samuel Watkins would have been about 22 years.   My own research led me to believe that Samuel Watkins Jr. was born between 1780-1789 united to Polly Whitman in 1811 removed from Hardin County to Calloway County in Kentucky and died there about 1837.  

A Samuel Watkins born in Kentucky is enumerated in 1850 in Indiana and then later died in Warren County, Indiana in 1859.   The proof he united to Eleanor “Ellen” Strawn and created Enoch Strawn Watkins is also established with documentation.  Considering the family history and the accessible records it would be wrong not to offer the possibility that Samuel Watkins father of Enoch Strawn Watkins may be the son of Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure. 
The available records of the Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly [Whitman] Watkins overwhelmingly indicate that they too are closely related to Samuel Watkins and Mary McClure.  
No other researcher suggests that James Watkins and Nancy Kennedy created a son with the given name Samuel but it may be something to consider as Thomas Whitman (father of Mary Polly Whitman) lived in close proximity to both James Watkins and Samuel Watkins in Hart County, Kentucky and had close ties to each through the Swarens and Brunk families.  It is also noteworthy to mention that Samuel Watkins and Mary Polly [Whitman] Watkins gift a son the name Samuel Hezekiah Watkins.  Hezekiah Watkins is a proven son of James Watkins and Nancy [Kennedy] Watkins.
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The 1850 Warren County, Indiana Census 

This record above is believed to be the census record of Samuel Watkins of this post.  The household members enumerated with Samuel Watkins in 1850 confuse the genealogy.  These members listed in 1850 remain undiscovered.  
The 1840 Warren County, Indiana Census enumerates Samuel Watkins with 1 male age 10-14 and 2 males age 20-29 (One would have been Enoch Strawn Watkins at age 22).  One each male and female age 50-59 were also listed.  Samuel Watkins would have been 52 years of age at that time.  There were no children under age 10 in their household in 1840.  The Emeline and James listed in the household in 1850 do not appear to be the children of Samuel Watkins.  The wife to Samuel Watkins is listed as Mary which is also confusing.
In 1830 the Warren County, Indiana census record lists the household members of Samuel Watkins as one male 10-15 (Enoch Strawn would have been 12), one male 20-30, one male 40-50 and one female 50-60.   The 1860 Vermillion County, Illinois Census record enumerating Enoch Strawn Watkins includes his mother  Sarah in the household she is then listed as 71 and born in Virginia. 

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