William L. Paris

William L. Paris
June 26, 1872
United To:
 Elizabeth Neal
May 25, 1901
Clark County, Indiana
William Riley Paris and Jemima Jane Stuteville

William L. Paris was born on June 26, 1872 in Grayson County, Kentucky, the son of William Riley Paris and Jemima Jane Stuteville.    Jemima was the daughter of Cassandra Phillips and Richard Stuteville.  Richard Stuteville son of Charles H. Stuteville and Mary Brunk dies very young.  Richard Stuteville's widow Cassandra remained in the home of her parents until her own untimely death in 1852.  Cassandra [Phillips] Stuteville's parents were Benjamin and Jemima Phillips who went on to raise Richard and Cassandra's children including young Jemima Jane Stuteville.

Charles H. Stuteville was a prominent and respected clergyman in Rock Creek of Grayson County, Kentucky.  Church minutes and other documents prove he had pastored Rock Creek Baptist Church until about 1842.   Charles H. Stuteville had grown blind over time but continued to serve God and his community until his death sometime after 1850.  Charles H. Stuteville's father also named Charles H. came to the United States via the ship “Rebecca” her travel logs offer he was an indentured servant porting in Maryland in 1772.  Charles H. Stuteville Sr. is believed to have served during The American Revolution but no records are available to confirm.

Excerpts from writings in the 1880's 
about churches and their leaders in Kentucky
can be viewed below:

"CHARLES H. STUTEVILLE was a member of Rock Creek Church as early as 1817, and was ordained to the ministry, the following year.  In 1818, Rock Creek church took a letter of dismission, and joined Goshen Association. In this body, Mr. Stuteville was pastor of Rock Creek, Bacon Creek and, perhaps, Concord churches, till 1839.  At this date, Rock Creek broke off from Goshen Association, and united with a new fraternity, styling it as Otter Creek Association of Regular Baptists. By this means, Mr. Stuteville became identified with the new organization, and its meetings, till 1842. He lost his eye sight about this time, but continued to preach several years longer, when the Lord was pleased to call him from a land of darkness to the Home of Light. He was reckoned a fair preacher, sound in the faith of the gospel, and 
of an unblemished reputation."

Charles H. Stuteville united to Mary Brunk probably just before 1810.   Mary Brunk is the daughter of Christopher Brunk and Nancy Burkhart.  Christopher Brunk and his family migrated from South Carolina to Kentucky between 1790 and 1797 settling in lands then a part of Hardin County.  Grayson County was formed from parts of Hardin and Ohio Counties in 1810 and then by 1820 Hart County, Kentucky was formed from parts of Hardin County. 

The Children of William L. Paris  and Elizabeth Neal
Robert Edgar Paris
March 1, 1901
Willa Mae Paris 
April 28, 1910
Charles Beck Paris 
January 19, 1912
James Edward Paris
May 1, 1918
Robert Paris 

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